HARO Parquet 4000 3-strip flooring

HARO 4000 3-strip flooring - a parquet that can do almost anything

The 3-strip floor parquet consists of staggered lamellas next to each other. It gives this design variant a lively overall picture and transports the viewer to a 3-strip deck with polished planks, on the way to distant countries. Dream with this floor of voyages of discovery and the endless expanse and solitude aboard a sailing yacht. HARO produces this series in a great selection. Decide which type of wood and which design suits you best.

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HARO Parquet 4000 Oak Trend naturaLin plus 3-strip
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16 Items

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Special features of the HARO 4000 3-strip Floor

You lay this parquet floating with its Top Connect connection. The planks snap into place effortlessly and join together completely without joints - simple, high-quality and reliable. The use on underfloor heating is also possible.

The three-layer structure provides the surface course with reliable stability. The wear layer is 3.5 mm thick and made of fine woods. To prevent it from moving too much due to temperature and humidity, it is placed on a solid wood middle layer of spruce staves. The third layer on the back of the board acts as a countermove. In order to conserve resources and ensure a good environmental conscience, this parquet is PEFC certified. The raw material wood therefore comes from sustainable forestry. Enjoy the beautiful feeling of nature that comes with this ship floor parquet flooring in the house.

Style and variation with the HARO 4000 3-strip floor

Although of the same type of wood, slats differ in structure and grain. Life not only shapes skin, but also wood. At HARO, the incoming wood is sorted by hand according to characteristics, colour and character. The range goes from elegant and contemplative to lively or rustic. The quiet assortments include Exquisit, for example. If you prefer it strong and expressive, you might prefer Country or Family. Classic and natural, you live with trend and favourite.

A textured surface matches the ship's floor outfit perfectly. The finest wood particles are worked out between branches and fibres with brushes. This gives a wonderful plastic effect. You can also choose your ship's floor in 3D optics. The structure is called retro and makes the floor look old, like real ship planks. A circumferential chamfer provides the highly plastic impression.

How do you maintain the parquet flooring?

In the ship floor series, three surface treatments are available. The permaDur sealant leaves behind a particularly hard-wearing wooden floor that can be wiped with a damp cloth as required. Otherwise, dust removal is generally sufficient. The naturaDur finish also protects the wood and has a matt appearance at the same time. Remove dust regularly and sometimes wipe with little moisture if necessary.

naturaLinplus is a natural oil that protects the wood pores while maintaining their distinctive climatic properties. The raw material behind it is linseed oil. It cares and repels dirt. This gives you an easy-care floor that can be wiped clean regularly with a damp cloth. Make your choice among the most beautiful variations of ship's floor parquet!