HARO Professional Parquet 4000 strip wideplank Maxim

Parquet plank 4000 Maxim from Haro

These special country house floorboards from the renowned manufacturer Haro fit in many different rooms. They are suitable for both large and small rooms of various types. One advantage is that there is a large selection of different designs. Therefore, every prospective customer will find such a floor covering that fits the existing interior design perfectly. Although the floorboards are cottage style, the interior does not have to be in cottage style. This impressive floor covering is a beautiful addition to various styles. In addition, it is timeless, so that it will still be highly topical in the coming decades. This is also advantageous, because this high-quality flooring can remain in the apartment for many years.

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Floating and adhesive installation

These country house planks in a modern design can be installed either floating or glued. It is entirely up to the apartment owner to decide which option to choose. With floating installation, the planks are joined together with the patented tongue and groove system. This work can be done effortlessly and is also very suitable for laymen. If necessary during a move, the planks can be easily removed from the floor and moved to another room.

But if you prefer to glue the floor, you can also do this with these Haro planks. Bonding the floor covering can make sense on some substrates. This means that there is never any risk of the floor covering shifting in any way.

Suitable for many rooms

Due to the visually appealing decors, this flooring made of country house floorboards can be installed in almost every room, except the bathroom. Only the old floor covering should be removed completely. An existing underfloor heating system is not an obstacle. Only when the boards are glued to the subfloor should the underfloor heating be switched off for about two days. Otherwise the adhesive would dry too quickly and thus lose its strength.

These planks are not suitable for laying in a damp room. For example, the humidity in a bathroom would be too high. The reason for this is that underneath the 3.5 millimetre thick wear layer there is a carrier board made of HDF. This does not tolerate high levels of moisture.

Beneficial for residents and the environment

From the Haro Parquet 4000 plank Maxim there is no danger for the inhabitants. It does not contain any substances that could lead to health problems in any form. This country house floor is also a blessing for any pets that may be present, because no strong odours emanate from it. The wood used to manufacture these country house floorboards is PEFC-certified. This seal of approval confirms that the wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. This floor covering thus also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Features of Haro Parquet 4000 Plank Maxim
  • Wear layer of particularly distinctive wood species
  • Beautiful designs are available
  • Use of wood from sustainable forestry
  • Can be installed either as adhesive or floating
  • Highly resilient and therefore durable