HARO Professional Parquet 4000 Plank Prestige

Haro Parquet 4000 Plank Prestige looks impressive

The Haro Parquet 4000 Plank Prestige is offered in different versions. There is a choice of light medium and dark oak wood. This is also offered with various surface treatments. This makes a wide range of different looking parquet floors available. Due to this large selection, it is easy to find a parquet flooring of this series suitable for the respective room. It fits to different wall colours and also to various ceiling coverings. In most cases, however, this special parquet is the highlight of a room. But there are other outstanding features of this floor covering that should not remain unmentioned.

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Special advantages of this parquet flooring

The wood used to make this parquet comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. In this way the customer gets some nature within his own four walls without causing any damage to the environment. Another advantage of real wood is that it does not pose any danger to the health of the inhabitants. The 4000 Plank Prestige parquet also has a real wood support plate. The wear layer made of a noble wood species has a thickness of 3.5 millimetres. It receives a special surface treatment that enhances its appearance. In addition, the surface is sealed with a natural oil permanently or a varnish. The sealant prevents moisture or dirt from penetrating into the wood pores. At the same time, the sealant also prevents too much moisture from escaping from the wood. For the wood to look beautiful for a long time, it must always have a certain residual moisture content.

This parquet is quickly laid

The Haro 4000 Plank Prestige parquet is relatively easy to install. Any do-it-yourselfer with basic knowledge of woodworking can lay this parquet flooring himself without any problems. The planks are 1000 millimetres long and 120 millimetres wide. They therefore have a level that is easy to work with. The parquet planks are provided with grooves and tongues so that they can be laid floating without tools - if desired, full-surface gluing is also possible. Since it is real wood, it should be remembered that it expands at high humidity. Therefore, a space of about ten millimetres should be left on the walls. This visually impressive parquet can also be laid in damp rooms. In this case, however, the expansion joints should be 15 millimetres wide. In addition, it is recommended that impact sound insulation is installed underneath the parquet floor.

Cleaning is no problem

Thanks to the good surface quality, this parquet floor can be cleaned without much effort. Daily cleaning is best done with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a parquet floor nozzle. Damp cleaning with a suitable parquet floor cleaner is also possible.

Summary of all the advantages of 4000 Plank Prestige parquet
  • Beautiful designs in different oak woods
  • 3.5 mm thick wear layer with sealed surface
  • Equipped with tongue and groove for floating installation
  • Easy to clean without much effort