parkettmanufaktur by HARO Parquet Board

parkettmanufaktur by HARO Board Design

HARO reaches the highest level of parquet art with its premium products from parkettmanufaktur. In the royal class of parquet flooring, the parquet board takes the rank of an emperor. The various square designs offer exclusivity and luxury in a wide range of shapes and colours.

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Life like in a castle

Selected, noble woods perfect this parquet board, which is handmade in the manufacturer's factory. Like a mosaic, the parquet craftsmen put the surface together to create a floor for the highest demands. This wooden floor enhances every house to a villa. It seems to have sprung from a castle and gives you the feeling of having been ennobled.

Beautiful old building, stucco decorations and antiques perfectly match the elegant structures of the parquet flooring. But it also fits in perfectly with the glamour style and its baroque elements or with classic, curved lines and minimalist interiors. No matter which of these styles you prefer, you will feel completely at ease with this parquet.

How is the parkettmanufaktur blackboard design laid?

The parquet is fully glued to the subfloor. Tongue and groove are provided all round to simplify the connection between the individual elements. However, they do not stick between the boards. This also prevents residues from reaching the surface. For the parquet adhesive, choose a brand product that is low in emissions and pollutants. Then with this parquet you have a natural wood product that contributes to air health.

Wood is involved in the moisture exchange of the room and promotes a good climate. A further advantage of the firmly glued parquet is the significant reduction of impact sound. In addition, the built-in wood does not work as hard and you get a valuable, durable and beautiful floor covering that lasts a lifetime.

How is the parquet board constructed?

The square plate consists of three layers. A robust middle layer of plywood is arranged at right angles to the top layer and thus provides strength and stabilises the elasticity of the wood. The wear layer of wooden mosaic is 3.5 mm thick. The entire floor is made of 100% natural products and in the production process the manufacturer attaches great importance to sustainability and careful use of resources.

As a finish, the top layer is given a surface treatment with Oleovera natural oil so that it is also easy to clean and can cope better with moisture. In addition, the care of the oils helps to ensure that your floor shines in all its beauty. Take a look at the variety of patterns and wood colours offered by HARO and find your new feel-good parquet.