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Noble floors from the Haro parquet factory

The name Parquet Manufacture from Haro keeps what it promises. This series includes premium class floors. Not only are particularly fine wood species used for the production, but also high-quality processing steps are required. The interplay of particularly beautiful wood species and professional handcrafted surface finishing results in floors that are something very special. Therefore, each plank of these floor coverings is also unique. This argument also speaks for the ever increasing popularity of these high-quality floors.

Strong wear layers of precious wood

The country house floorboards from the parquet manufacturer basically consist of several layers. The visible wear layer has a thickness of up to five millimetres. Underneath this is the carrier layer, which is usually made of spruce strips. Producing the carrier layer from these bars offers several advantages. The bars do not react as strongly to changes in humidity as a conventional board. They also provide a high degree of stability and flexibility. For these reasons, the use of spruce rods is ideally suited to produce the carrier layer. At the very bottom of the plank there is a layer of coniferous wood. This establishes the contact to the underground. It plays a large part in making the flooring feel so pleasant when walked on. This construction of the planks from several layers has the advantage that the country house planks from Haro's parquet factory achieve a particularly long durability.

Traditional surface treatment

High-quality surface finishes have been available for many years. Even today, the craftsmanship of professionals in this field cannot be replaced by machines. Therefore, trained craftsmen still finish the surfaces according to traditional methods. These include planing, brushing and scraping. Planing gives the surfaces a particularly flat structure. When brushing, the wood surface is slightly roughened. This makes the boards look even more robust. When scraping, the craftsman removes all the wooden parts that are soft. This brings out the impressive grain a little better. After these processing steps a sealing is carried out. This is necessary to ensure that neither moisture nor impurities penetrate the wood pores. In addition, the sealant protects the wood of the planks from the Haro Parquet Manufacture from drying out too much.

Laying the precious floorboards

The manufacturer Haro has designed the country house planks in such a way that they can be laid by laymen without special craftsmanship skills. They are equipped with grooves and tongues that are specially shaped. Therefore, the planks only need to be pushed together at a certain angle and pressed down. This floating installation is simple because no special tools are required.

All the outstanding features of Haro Parquet Manufacture
  • High quality planks with a wear layer of precious wood
  • Large selection of different designs and formats
  • Surface refinement is done by traditional handcraft
  • Long durability thanks to stable construction
  • Easy to install thanks to special Top-Connect connection