Meister design floor MeisterDesign. life DB 800

Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Meister range.


MeisterDesign floor Life DB 800: authentic natural stone look for special rooms

Cosmopolitan Stone, concrete or terrazzo? Those who love the unique charm of robust stone floors sometimes have to make compromises. Often the noble stone floors are too hard, too rough or too maintenance-intensive in everyday life! This series will make stone floor fans curious. The MeisterDesign floors of the Life DB 800 series imitate the extraordinary look and feel of lava, terrazzo or concrete, but are warmer, more elastic and easier to maintain than the original! How does it work? The innovative design floors from Meister combine classic design with modern living comfort. This moisture-proof and 100% PVC-free design flooring series is actually only five millimetres thick! The waterproof and semi-elastic Ecuran core board in combination with a scratch- and water-resistant Puretec top layer promise a lot of living quality and attractive design with minimal material consumption.

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