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MeisterDesign floor Life DB 800: authentic natural stone look for special rooms

Cosmopolitan Stone, concrete or terrazzo? Those who love the unique charm of robust stone floors sometimes have to make compromises. Often the noble stone floors are too hard, too rough or too maintenance-intensive in everyday life! This series will make stone floor fans curious. The MeisterDesign floors of the Life DB 800 series imitate the extraordinary look and feel of lava, terrazzo or concrete, but are warmer, more elastic and easier to maintain than the original! How does it work? The innovative design floors from Meister combine classic design with modern living comfort. This moisture-proof and 100% PVC-free design flooring series is actually only five millimetres thick! The waterproof and semi-elastic Ecuran core board in combination with a scratch- and water-resistant Puretec top layer promise a lot of living quality and attractive design with minimal material consumption.

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MeisterDesign floor Life DB 800 - The living friendly all-rounder for stone fans!

Do you like expressive floors with high-quality flair? Striking lava-look or robust concrete tiles are exactly your thing? With this design floor variant you will convince even sceptics! If you are looking for an easy-care, pleasant and hard-wearing floor for residential and business premises, you don't have to do without a stone look from now on. The cleverly constructed material of this design flooring series is also suitable for the lively everyday life with small children due to its pleasant walking comfort, high durability and easy cleaning. These design floors for lovers of avant-garde or purist living experiments are additionally convincing through their slip resistance and elasticity!

Design floors in stone look: elastic and environmentally friendly!

The innovative design floor series from the MeisterDesign Collection has a lot to offer in terms of quality, comfort and durability!

  • Blue Angel environmental seal
  • 100 % PVC-free
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty in the living area
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty in the commercial sector

Where, when and why are Life DB 800 series design floors a perfect choice?

If you are looking for a particularly thin design floor with high durability, you have come to the right place! The Life DB 800 series is ideal for heavily used areas thanks to its high service class of 23 and 33! Its suitability for wet rooms makes the floor the ideal floor for the entire house. If you want to modernise old tiled floors without much effort, this clever design floor series is the right choice. Trendy lava, terrazzo or concrete looks succeed with this collection in private rooms and in the contract sector. Casual tile surfaces for chic foyers, conference rooms, studios, open-plan offices or shops look prestigious and noble. In the private sector, these floors attractively accentuate purist and extravagant furnishing styles! Extraordinary or emphatically businesslike appearance and a lot of living comfort go hand in hand with this floor series. With the practical Click system, you can install your new floor covering on underfloor heating systems quickly and easily! This series can also be glued to the subfloor.

What distinguishes the MeisterDesign floors of the Life DB 800 series?

  • warm to the feet and easy on the joints
  • waterproof and hygienic
  • easy to process thanks to Maxi-Click technology
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • suitable for damp rooms

The waterproof professional design floor for stone fans

If you want to lay black lava, grey concrete or natural terrazzo floors, you can use heavy equipment for this floor, but not without modern living comfort! The moisture-proof design floors in an attractive stone replica perfectly combine a trendy look with practical benefits. On the interestingly structured floors in individual stone tile look, the risk of slipping and injury for young and old is minimised. This is a clear advantage for children, athletes and elderly people! The light-fast and pressure-resistant surfaces of the residential stone optic design floors remain attractive for many years. You are not quite sure whether the light or dark terrazzo flooring fits better in your home or office? Please feel free to order a free sample of your desired flooring so that you can test on site which design flooring decor fits perfectly into your rooms. If you have any questions or doubts, we will be happy to support you! Just give us a call and find out about all the details of this masterly design floor series!