Meister Laminat Melango LD 300 | 20

Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Meister range.
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Meister laminate Melango LD 300 | 20 - the variety of modern furnishing

The atmosphere of a room reflects the respective taste of its owners. Living space design thus has something of a surrender, which is mirrored to the outside world. The inner life painted on the wall, the momentary feeling that accompanies us every day. If you want to change, you need a new coat of paint and the first part of it is either a change of location or renovation and adaptation to the existing living conditions. The floor, the walls and the ceiling of our home act like a frame, which, when decorated, creates a wonderful picture of a whole. A change of scenery thus begins with the floor and ends with the ceiling. MEISTER® brand Melango LD 300 | 20 laminate flooring is not only impressive because of its appearance, but also because it is a designed wood reproduction of the highest quality, functionality and environmentally conscious document of sustainable action.

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