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MEISTER Laminate

Laminate flooring has been MEISTER's best-selling floor covering for years. This is not surprising, because laminate is easy to care for, simple to lay, hard-wearing and attractive. It fits perfectly with the furnishings of modern residential and business premises and meets all the requirements of a contemporary floor covering.

Laminate from MEISTER, the perfect floor covering

MEISTER laminate consists exclusively of wood and natural materials. An HDF (high density fiberboard) middle layer, a board made of highly compressed fibers, forms the basis for the robust covering. This technology has proven itself at MEISTER Bodenbelag. The underside of the laminate is reinforced by a stabilising counter-pull. The laminate surface consists of decorative paper and is protected by a layer of melamine resin. This running layer is extremely robust and easy to maintain. You can obtain MEISTER laminate flooring with integrated footfall sound insulation.

Laminate from MEISTER, the floor covering with style

MEISTER laminate is available in a variety of decorative designs. Choose from a wide range of authentic stone and wood reproductions. The surfaces have a special embossing that perfectly imitates the decor. When painting over the surface of MEISTER Laminate Oak, you feel the grain, cracks and knotholes just like real wood. You will find this lifelike reproduction in all wood and stone decors. This is just one small yet outstanding detail that distinguishes MEISTER premium laminate from other laminate floorings.

Laminate flooring from MEISTER, the floor covering with a feel-good guarantee

Laminate from MEISTER not only looks good, it is also good for the environment and the health of the users. Like all variants of MEISTER flooring, laminate flooring carries one of the most demanding environmental certificates, the Blue Angel. MEISTER laminate flooring consists of 100 percent natural raw materials. There are no harmful vapours and unpleasant odours. With its integrated footfall sound insulation and suitability for installation on underfloor heating systems, MEISTER flooring contributes to a perfect living experience.

Premium laminate from MEISTER, the easy-care floor covering

Premium laminate from Meister in the Melango, Micala and Talamo product lines has integrated protection against moisture, the Aqua-Safe system. Wipe water cannot penetrate the MEISTER floor and cause damage. Use laminate floor care products. Your master laminate dealer will be happy to advise you. Premium laminate is characterised by the "Diamond Pro" surface refinement. It protects against scratches, abrasion and wear. Meister-Premium-Laminate differs from conventional floor coverings by an antistatic finish that protects against electrical charging and allows easy maintenance of the floor.

MEISTER laminate flooring with the click system for easy installation

Thanks to the click system, MEISTER laminate flooring can be laid in almost no time at all. You need neither screws nor glue. Some variants have integrated sound insulation.

The MEISTER laminate collections

At your MEISTER laminate flooring dealer you can obtain laminate flooring in the Melango, Micala, Talamo and Classic collections.

  • Melango
    The Melango collection presents the perfect floor covering for large rooms. You receive the laminate as long planks, which guarantee a harmonious decorative appearance and give the impression of real wood planks. Melango is suitable for use in humid environments. Laminate floors from the Melango collection are available in attractive wood decors.
  • Micala
    The Micala collection impresses with its universal application possibilities. There is hardly a room that is not suitable for Micala laminate flooring. It impresses with beautiful decors, including impressive oak reproductions and surfaces in vintage style. Micala is available in a length of 1.20 metres from specialist retailers and is suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Talamo
    laminate from the Talamo collection combines decorative design with the highest comfort. Floors designed with Talamo products enchant with their natural look and authentic surface structures. The Talamo collection contains MEISTER laminate oak and maple in a number of exclusive variations.
  • Classic
    Let yourself be surprised by the large design selection of the MEISTER laminate collection Classic. More than 60 different decors in wood and stone optics are available as tiles, long and short planks.