Meister Laminat Melango LD 300 | 25

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Meister laminate Melango LD 300 | 25

The master laminate Melango LD 300 25 is a modern flooring for every living space. Several noble colour variations in wood optics offer a large selection, so that there is a suitable laminate for practically every style and taste. This floor is the first choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and durable floor covering. Another plus point of this floor is the easy maintenance.

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Like wood - only easier to clean

The floors of the Meister Laminat Melango LD 300 25 series are hardly distinguishable from real wood. But the laminate, which is made from 100% natural raw materials, has many advantages. In contrast to the real model, this floor covering does not require regular sealing. This laminate flooring has a scratch-resistant sealant, the Diamond Pro® surface, which is absolutely resistant. Even moisture cannot harm this floor, which is why the Meister laminate Melango LD 300 25 series is also perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens. The joints of the floor are also coated, so that no water can penetrate here.

High quality plank

The plank has a unique authentic grain. This even makes the flooring feel like real wood. This creates a uniquely cosy living feeling. A high-quality print is applied to an HDF carrier board, which is resistant to short-term moisture thanks to AquaSafe technology. For daily cleaning, simple vacuuming or wiping is sufficient to maintain the floor for decades. The laminate series has a circumferential joint. This results in a beautiful picture with harmonious transitions between the individual elements. The joint also makes the floor appear more solid.

Modern colour variations

The country house style is currently in vogue, as it radiates cosiness and tranquillity. With a floor that picks up on this theme, every room becomes immediately homely. For installation during renovation, this floor is also suitable in combination with underfloor heating. The warm floor is an easy-care, hygienic flooring, especially for the living room and children's room. The master laminate Melango LD 300 25 is also the first choice in old buildings to replace old floor coverings in proper style. Here it also scores with its authentic look. As the laminate is made from natural raw materials such as wood, this flooring is contemporary and thoroughly sustainable. The master laminate Melango LD 300 25 has been awarded a Blue Angel and a PEFC seal, which speaks for its harmlessness. If you value a healthy environment, you can't go wrong with this floor. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at this series, especially for families with children. Wooden floors are also increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms. While tiles are cold, the laminate is warm and cosy. Due to its resistance to water and the surface coating, this high-quality laminate is particularly suitable for use in damp rooms.

Quickly laid

The Masterclic Plus® technology facilitates the laying of this floor covering, which is therefore no problem for do-it-yourselfers. Only a few tools are required to process the laminate. Either a laminate cutter or a hand or jigsaw can be used for cutting to size. Due to the floating installation and the simple click system the floor can be finished in a short time. Especially in rented apartments, the laminate quickly brings a new look to your home without having to make permanent changes to the building fabric.

From a traditional company

MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH is one of the most renowned companies in the field of high-quality floor coverings. The company has been manufacturing floors for over 80 years and is characterised by the careful selection of raw materials. The responsible use of resources also indicates that laminate from MeisterWerke Schulte is a sustainable product.