Lindura HS 500 - attractive wooden floors of the master class!

Does your floor covering have to withstand a lot in everyday life? Do you value an easy-care, high-quality real wood floor with a herringbone look that is sustainable, energy-saving and particularly robust? What sounds like a contradiction in terms is made possible by the Lindura series from Meister: These extremely hard-wearing wooden floors of the future come with an eighth of the amount of wood in the top layer that is used for classic Multilayer parquet is needed out. Sorcery? The innovative Wood Powder Technology makes it possible! Let yourself be inspired by the chic herringbone wood floors of the Lindura HS 500 series by Meister or read more about the clever production process that gives rise to these resource-saving design stars.

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Good, better, Lindura

This could be the slogan for these robust and particularly sustainable floors! If high-quality materials and the best workmanship are important to you in your own home, you often opt for timeless real wood parquet with a herringbone pattern. As beautiful as natural herringbone parquet is, it requires just as much care and attention in everyday living in order to retain its unique attractiveness for a long time without any signs of wear. Lindura floors are different! The innovative wooden floor variant is also ideal for lively everyday family life and for heavily frequented areas. With the wood powder technology, wood fibers and mineral substances are pressed so firmly with the real wood surface that a particularly robust wooden floor that is 100% suitable for everyday use is created. The hard-wearing surface has been proven to make family life less complicated and easier on the nerves. Lindura floors stand up to falling building blocks, clattering heels and knocked over cleaning buckets with the same level of beauty!

Which Lindura floor from Meister suits your home?

Regardless of whether you live classically, puristically or very naturally: A variant of the Lindura HS 500 herringbone parquet series from Meister is definitely perfect for your well-kept home. The attractive herringbone look automatically brings a pinch of elegance and representative ambience to your rooms! Walnut or oak in classic or modern colors to match your furniture and your personal style of living is sometimes love at first sight. If you are hesitating between different color variants, a floor pattern usually provides clarity. Call us and order the sample floors that you have shortlisted for "trial living"!

The classic for your beautiful home

Herringbone is a statement that stands for a representative home! The Classic line of the masterful floor impresses with a 7-fold seal with formaldehyde-free, viscoplastic and UV-hardened acrylic lacquer. This creates the ultra-matt and particularly stylish surface finish, which guarantees extremely high durability and longevity. The finishing type of the Classic series is particularly easy to clean and maintain and impresses with timeless elegance and classic beauty.

Advantages of the Lindura HS 500 floors from Meister

The high-quality floors in the Lindura series from Meister are all made from PEFC-certified wood. The sustainable floors therefore make a contribution to the climate and environment in several ways. In times of rising energy costs, the particularly low thermal resistance means hard cash. The heat from your underfloor heating reaches your premises uninsulated. If you are looking for a robust, pressure-resistant, antibacterial and hygienic floor that also meets the highest design standards, the Lindura HS 500 is the perfect choice. If desired, the herringbone floors can also be combined with the planks of the same color family, thus creating exciting room effects! We are happy to support you with your creative interior design..

The main highlights at a glance

  • sustainable and resource-saving - you actively save energy!
  • Can be laid floating
  • antibacterial and hygienic
  • calm, noble and balanced
  • Durable and durable
  • 25-year residential warranty / 5-year commercial warranty

The balanced interplay of colors and structures in the Classic series from Lindura creates calm and purist solidity. When choosing the wood, Meister relies on a few, firmly intergrown knots that hardly contain any cracks. In the Classic series, small cracks are completely covered with Wood Powder. Do you prefer a livelier look for living and dining rooms? Then you should take a closer look at the Nature, Authentic or Lively series. Would you like a Lindura floor that is suitable for damp rooms? Other series are also better suited for this! Our floor experts will be happy to advise you so that your new Meister floor is a perfect match for you and your very personal living needs!