Parador Laminate Flooring Basic 600 4V lock plank (4-sided bevelled)

Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Parador range.
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Parador Laminate Flooring Basic 600 4V Lock plank for highest quality demands - with 4-sided bevel
Robust and easy to clean - Basic 600 4V Collection - 4-fold bevelled

With the Parador Laminate Flooring Basic 600 4V lock plank, the company has created a laminate series that meets all the requirements of a floor covering. Families with small children in particular appreciate the advantages of laminate flooring, especially in the children's room. It should be easy to care for, hygienic and hard-wearing so that it can survive even boisterous children's birthday parties without scratching. Nevertheless, the wood look and feel should be absolutely authentic in order to impress in the rest of the living area as well.

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