Parador laminate floors


Parador laminate - high quality and authentic

The Parador company has made a name for itself among the brands for high-quality laminate flooring. Parador is now available in many different versions

Parador not only enables an authentic laminate surface, but also makes the flooring resistant and durable.

High-quality surfaces for modern living

Parador laminate floors are robust, yet extremely easy to care for. In recent years it has established itself as a high-quality floor covering.

The Parador company offers various decors that are perfectly based on the models made of wood - but also tiles. This allows you to install a noble look in your own home for a fraction of the cost

The trend towards stone and tile optics has become increasingly stronger in recent years. Such floors in modern, muted shades can be perfectly combined with colourful walls or striking pieces of furniture. For contemporary living, the Parador company offers a wide range of unique laminate flooring.

Laminate floors from Parador are made from almost 100% wood. To make the floor resistant to moisture, the edges are provided with an impregnation layer as protection against swelling. The surface is also sealed with melamine resin

This gives the laminate from Parador high abrasion resistance, even in rooms that are used a lot. In addition, Parador has its laminate flooring with different abrasion and service classes, which give a buying orientation

In general, the higher the number of classes, the more robust and resistant the floor is. Parador laminate floors are long-lasting companions both in private households and business premises. Thanks to the practical click system, the laminate can be laid in a short time, even by laymen.

Laminate flooring from Parador is available with different surfaces. This gives laminate in wood look in particular an authenticity that makes it hardly distinguishable from real wood. The foot warm floor is absolutely authentic when walking barefoot and feels authentically like wood under your feet.

Versatile fields of application

Wood decor blends well into almost every room and conveys warmth and naturalness. Parador laminate, for example in a brushed oak look, is perfectly suited to modern living. Even in the kitchen or hallway, it is perfect for use thanks to easy cleaning and pleasant foot warmth.

The Parador laminate in tile look and stone look is right on trend. The easy processing of laminate is the big advantage over heavy and expensive tiles

Especially the popular natural stone tiles are cost-intensive and can only be laid by a specialist. The laminate offers the perfect alternative here, which can easily be laid by yourself. In various colours and surfaces it combines a wipeable floor with the advantages of wood

The laminate floors in tile look make it possible to renew the floor quickly, even in rented apartments. The unique designs from Parador are available in a wide range of different tile and stone coverings.

If you are looking for something special, you should also take a look at the other Parador decors. These include laminate flooring in large formats, such as the Trendtime 4 raw steel laminate. The unusually large panels are particularly effective in large rooms and loft apartments

Laminate in concrete and steel optics perfectly round off the modern industrial look and are an absolute eye-catcher.