Parador Laminate Open Frameworks

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Diverse, modern, interesting: Open Frameworks

Laminates are versatile and offer different functions. In three out of four cases, the series of the Parador Laminate Open Frameworks by Hadi Teherani features a modern and interesting stone structure that can be put to good use privately and commercially. The Open Framework collection also offers a finely structured oak coating.

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Modern and creative with the Open Frameworks laminate from Parador

The series designed by Hadi Teherani is stylish and with four-sided joints creates a homely real wood character, as each plank is accentuated.

Grey patterned planks have different structures, which are particularly noticeable in stone structures. Unevenness makes the laminate look more natural and offers an enormous feel-good factor.

Individual design options

The newly designed floor coverings of the Open Frameworks series can be perfectly combined with each other, either individually or mixed in various installation patterns. For a uniform and sterile look, the choice of a pattern is recommended. For a design-chic atmosphere, several decors can be laid together in various freely combinable laying patterns. There are no limits to their creative creaivity. The combination of wood optics and laminate with stone structures can bring a room to life and open up a whole new dimension.

Choosing a laminate from Parador's Open Frameworks series has several advantages. The above-mentioned individual design possibilities of the laminate bring a concise and elementary advantage for you. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer a linear laying pattern or a herringbone pattern when laying. The structures can be connected well in different ways.

Guarantee for private users and companies

Laminate is known for its robustness. Parador Laminate Flooring Open Frameworks is also micro-scratch-resistant, water-repellent and has an increased antistatic conductivity, so that you get a long-lasting laminate. The use of underfloor heating in combination with the laminate of this series is also possible without any problems. For private use you will receive a guarantee of 25 years. The warranty period for commercial use is 5 years.