Parador laminate Trendtime 1

For lovers of warm wood tones: Laminate series Trendtime 1

Parador laminate Trendtime 1 is a series for all lovers of warm wood tones. The narrow country house floorboards give rooms charm and character. If you are looking for an easy-care, attractively priced and absolutely authentic alternative to real wood flooring or parquet, you should take a closer look at this series.

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Modern narrow country house floorboards

Parador laminate Trendtime 1 is available in eleven different wood tones, which can be combined with practically any interior style. The particularly beautiful thing about the high-quality laminate floors from Parador: they have a structured surface that reproduces the original absolutely authentically. The floors have the look of an aged wooden floor. The slightly irregular surface makes the living space lively and can be elegantly combined with furniture in vintage style.

The planks in the Trendtime 1 series have different structures ranging from vintage to antique matt and a rustic structure that feels absolutely authentic when touched and walking barefoot, based on the respective wood model. Due to the easy-care surface, it is even perfectly suitable for corridors or heavily "played" children's rooms. This is where the robust floor scores points above all through its surface, which can hardly be scratched due to its coating. The laminate can also be laid on underfloor heating without any problems.

The charming vintage look makes the Parador laminate Trendtime 1 an eye-catcher. Even if redecoration is done more often, this floor always adapts to the current ambience. As the floor has anti-slip properties and even a service class 32 in the commercial sector, it is even ideally suited for the design of shops.

Robust floor covering

As the laminate is sealed with a layer of melamine resin, moisture is no problem. Parador laminate floors are made from almost 100% wood and have been awarded certificates such as the Blue Angel. The company is committed to the ecological use of resources, especially the wood used. All these are arguments in favour of Parador laminate floors, which are ideally suited for healthy and sustainable living.

A stable HDF support board (the core of the laminate flooring) ensures that the laminate is durable and stable. A nice detail is the narrow joint all around, which reminds of real wooden floors. The wood pattern is applied to a carrier plate which is protected against swelling in case of moisture. In this way, the floor can be laid without any problems even in frequently used corridors where the shoes may be wet. Since the edges are sealed, there is no risk of the floor panels swelling.