Parador laminate Trendtime 4

Please note: Unfortunately, this product is no longer part of the current Parador range.
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The Parador large tiles laminate Trendtime 4 - big in format and big in fashion

Parador laminate Trendtime 4, a laminate flooring in large tile format gives elegance to any room. This premium tile meets the highest demands on a floor covering and offers 7 trendy decors from the puristic concrete look to white and black stone structures, from raw steel optics to the recently extremely popular Mediterranean tiles. The tile laminate of the Parador Trendtime 4 range combines contemporary design with stylish furnishing. The micro-scratch-resistant laminate flooring is very resistant and robust. In addition, the easy-care laminate is provided with an antistatic surface so that no unpleasant static discharges occur when touching other people or the heating. The care of the laminate is very easy: vacuuming or sweeping is sufficient in everyday life - occasional damp wiping removes fine dust and more stubborn dirt.

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