Parador laminate Trendtime 5

Parador laminate Trendtime 5 - Natural stone look as a classic large tile
The high-quality laminate floors from Parador combine all the advantages of wood and tiled floors. Thanks to its authentic natural stone look, the Trendtime 5 series is thus an easy-care and easy-to-lay alternative to conventional, heavy and cold stone tiles.

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Tile optics in large format

The 33 cm wide and 64 cm long laminate tiles look almost like real stone tiles. In contrast to their cold models, however, they have one advantage: the laminate is warm to the feet, which makes the room cosy even in winter. Especially in living rooms where children also play, a floor warm to the feet is a sensible solution. As the floor is coated with melamine resin on the top side, there is no risk of scratches or damage even when children play intensively. The surface coating also protects the flooring from moisture. Even in rooms that are wiped more often, such as the kitchen or bathroom, swelling due to moisture is not an issue with this floor thanks to its suitability for damp rooms.

Stone and stone optics are absolutely trendy and can be combined in many ways with contemporary furniture. Wood in particular, but also glossy surfaces and metal accessories are particularly effective against matt grey tones. But the stone look of Parador laminate Trendtime 5 laminate Trendtime 5 is also an attractive contrast for the modern country house kitchen. The decors range from white oil textures, through slightly reddish ferrostone optics to dark slate floors.

The laminate of the Trendtime 5 series has a circumferential joint which gives the panels an attractive 3D look. Together with the matt, structured surface, the authenticity of this laminate is absolutely perfect compared to the original. The stone decor is applied to an Aqua Proof carrier board. The HDF core board provides additional stability for the floor. After installation, the laminate flooring can be walked on immediately and is insensitive to moisture and damage thanks to the edge and surface sealing.

Easy to install

Parador laminate floors are quick and easy to install thanks to their click connection. In contrast to installing stone tiles, do-it-yourselfers can lay the Parador laminate Trendtime 5 themselves. Especially for the renewal of unsightly tiled floors in rented flats, this floor covering is the perfect solution, as no permanent interventions in the building fabric are necessary.

Parador laminate has received numerous awards and seals, such as the PEFC certificate, the Blue Angel and the EPD certificate. This makes it suitable for all those who value a healthy living environment. A further plus point for sustainable living is the company's conscious use of raw materials. The laminate is made almost 100% from wood.

Many areas of application

Parador laminate Trendtime 5 is a real jack-of-all-trades among floor coverings. Due to its slip resistance and robustness it is even suitable for commercial use. But it can also be used in many different ways in your own home, for example as a floor covering for the bathroom or in a busy hallway. In contrast to real natural stone floors, it is absolutely insensitive and does not need to be treated against moisture and dirt.