Parador laminate Trendtime 8

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Parador laminate Trendtime 8

The high-quality premium floors from the Parador laminate Trendtime 8 series meet the highest demands in terms of material and production quality. The specially treated surface of this laminate flooring is slip-resistant, dirt-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial. This provides all the prerequisites for installation in sensitive areas, such as in the hallway or the children's room. Below you will find more information about the properties and advantages of the Trendtime 8 laminate series from Parador.

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Easy and flexible installation

With the extra-wide planks of 330 millimetres in width, the laminate floorings from the Trendtime 8 series are suitable for rooms of all sizes, as their effect is best shown off in spacious environments. The planks can be cut to size as required and can be laid quickly and easily thanks to the tried and tested click system. This is possible without glue and the floor can be walked on immediately. The high-quality surface structure of the laminate floors also leaves nothing to be desired. The floors from the Trendtime 8 series are particularly waterproof, durable, resistant and easy to maintain. They are resistant to wear marks such as fading, swelling, streaks and scratches. Therefore you will enjoy these laminate floors for a long time. The floors of the Trendtime 8 series are approved for damp areas such as the bathroom and can also be laid on underfloor heating systems. Here are the advantages of the Trendtime 8 series at a glance:

  • anti-slip and dirt-repellent
  • waterproof and suitable for wet rooms
  • antistatic and antibacterial
  • elegant extra wide decors incl. 2 x finished herringbone laminate
  • Installation with practical click system
Decors, designs and colours of the Trendtime 8 laminate series from Parador

With this laminate series many design and furnishing wishes can be realised. The laminate flooring from Parador is available in the popular Stonewood and oak decors. Both bring out the structure and grain of natural wood in an excellent optical way. Stonewood and oak are also available in different colour shades, so you can choose a floor that perfectly matches the lighting and interior design. An absolute speciality are the two patterns with herringbone pattern. With this floor series, these do not have to be laboriously laid individually, but are already arranged in the floorboard. - The floor can therefore be laid much faster than when using single bars. In addition, all laminate floors are available with a sanded and natural surface structure. Whether for a modern design or for a country house style interior, the possible uses of this laminate are particularly varied in the living area. The laminate floors of the Trendtime 8 series from Parador ensure a high level of walking comfort and a perfect appearance. Here in the shop you too can discover the high-quality laminate flooring of the Parador laminate Trendtime 8 range in top quality and at reasonable prices.