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Parador Engineered Wood Flooring Basic 11-5 - Living culture redefined

The timelessly beautiful and high-quality engineered wood floorings of the Basic 11-5 engineered wood range from Parador are characterised by the high-quality workmanship of exquisite woods, innovative finishing methods and high sustainability. All design variants convince with their stylistically tasteful design options, absolute walking comfort and striking suitability for everyday use - all of this on the basis of carefully selected, ecological natural materials from sustainably managed forests. The Basic 11-5 engineered wood flooring from Parador combines the highest quality with cost-effective conditions.

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Parador Engineered Wood Flooring Basic 11-5: Design and properties

The Basic 11-5 engineered wood series from Parador offers practical and particularly natural flooring concepts for every living and working area. Harmoniously coordinated and stylishly rounded off for every individual need, the range consisting of 24 different basic parquet products is available in wideplank, strip flooring and large plank formats.

Valuable wood species such as maple, beech, oak or walnut guarantee a unique, natural living feeling. With the assortments Nature, Classic and Rustic there is a suitable wood assortment for every taste. The parquet floorboards of the Basic 11-5 series are available with different surface finishes. You can choose between "matt lacquer sealing" or "matt white lacquer sealing", a classic "natural oiling" and "natural oiled white". The joint pattern of the parquet series consists of a circumferential mini bevel M4V, which gives the installation pattern of all planks in the room a special aesthetics.

The first-class wood quality used for the Basic Line 11-5 parquet has room-climate-regulating balancing properties, a comfortable walking feel as well as emission-free, anti-allergenic characteristics and is characterised by a high degree of slip resistance.

Components and structure

The 3-layer structure of the Basic 11-5 parquet floorboards is based on a sophisticated and long proven parquet construction tradition. The strong top layer is finished at the end of production in the traditional way. The lamella and top layer impregnations keep out moisture and microbes and contribute substantially to increased swelling protection. In a special slow drying process cracking is prevented. Maximum dimensional stability and long-lasting durability are guaranteed by the solid spruce/fir middle layer, whereby the peel-peeled counter-ply veneer also provides essential support for dimensional stability.

The top layer has a height of 2.5 mm, while the total plank thickness is 11.5 mm. The Engineered Wood Flooring Basic 11-5 series from Parador can of course also be used for floors with underfloor heating.

Universally applicable: Installation with the smart Parador click technology

The in-house Parador Automatic Click System with long and end edge locking mechanism guarantees uncomplicated and professional installation - even completely problem-free for the layman. The patented installation mode is characterized by easy installation, high pull-out resistance and joints of long durability.