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Parador Engineered Wood Flooring from the brand manufacturers

The PARADOR® brand represents years of experience in the production of parquet floors. The German company, founded in 1977 and based in Coesfeld, in the Münsterland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, is a specialist in the manufacture of engineered wood floors, Parador engineered wood e.g. 3060, with a wide variety of materials and designs

Creative and cosmopolitan, this company with branches in Germany and Austria fascinates not only because of its expertise in soil, but also because of its corporate philosophy

The sustainability of the products and materials used is just as important to the company as the fair handling of raw materials, raw material suppliers and its own employees. Innovative expressiveness is as important to the company as the use of the latest technologies

PARADOR® parquet floors are designed with this in mind and distributed to over 4500 dealers and architects worldwide.

PARADOR® parquet flooring is of high quality, designed by the masters of their trade.

Parador Engineered Wood Flooring - the creative variety of sustainable living space design

A room is a place of retreat to feel good and underlines the needs of its owners

It is the unparalleled expressiveness that interior design knows how to convey and gives every guest at least a feeling of familiar warmth through unparalleled elegance or modern form awareness

Starting with the quality of the floor, our feet feel every step we take and are proof of the quality of the material used. The fact that the surface of Parador Engineered Wood Flooring, whether naturally rough or finely sanded smooth, has an acoustic and visual impact on the room sound, speaks for the importance of the subfloor in interior design: the environmental friendliness of newly created or tried and tested flooring solutions in the form of Parador Engineered Wood Flooring is reflected in the production and recycling properties of the materials used.

The recruitment of successful designers is not only reflected in the quality of the floor coverings, but is also a measure of the brand manufacturer's love of its profession

Over the years, the products and the company PARADOR® have been awarded numerous prizes, such as the Flooring Industry Award 2005,
as well as the German Design Award and the Reddot Design Award shortly afterwards.

The manufacturer also supports the promotion of sustainable forestry for climate protection and is a partner of the foundation: Plant for the Planet.

To recap what is important:

  • fair dealing with raw materials
  • wealth of experience
  • Top quality
  • Easy and quick installation
  • handcrafted art
The diverse range of Parador engineered wood

We,, your supplier for high-quality parquet flooring, tailor the PARADOR® brand range to your individual preferences by selecting different materials, textures, grains and patterns

This manufacturer's huge selection approaches the rustic and classic ambience with engineered wood in the form of block floors in beech, oak or sycamore as well as with the ECO Balance series, an environmentally conscious tradition through the wideplank or the Parador Classic 3060 series

What remains striking in both design studies is the grain of used woods, which is either strong and solid or shallow and pleasantly calm.
In terms of colour, wood stands for the nature that surrounds us, and we take a breath of its diversity.

But it can also be ultramodern, as the series Trendtime, Open Frameworks or the Edition Floor Fields designed by Alfredo Häberli show. This pattern of creative expression reminiscent of the modern Bauhaus reduces space to surface and colour and stands for the art of craftsmanship in dealing with the natural raw material wood, the lungs of our earth

Where is Parador engineered wood used?

Parador Engineered Wood Flooring is mainly used in living areas, but also in offices, practices or business premises However, it is not suitable for installation in damp rooms. Due to the wide range of wood types, designs and dimensions, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

This is how Parador Engineered Wood Flooring is structured

Parador engineered wood consists of three layers of wood. The core piece is the massive Spruce-fir centre layer. This solid wood core provides for the great dimensional stability. The click mechanism milled into the long sides provides a stable connection between the boards.

On the middle layer is the up to 4 mm thick top layer of solid wood. A circumferential impregnation, which also includes the lamellas on the head side, prevents moisture from penetrating the parquet and thus offers excellent protection against swelling

Due to the gentle drying of the wood used, cracking is prevented.

On the underside of the middle layer is the backing veneer. It consists of solid spruce wood and gives the parquet additional dimensional stability.

The patented click connections ensure a durable and stable connection of the parquet flooring planks with each other. Laying is very easy with this click system and is quickly done by hand.

The advantages of a parquet floor

  • Since wood is a hygroscopic material, it absorbs moisture from the air or releases it again. In this way the parquet regulates the humidity in the room and thus keeps the room climate within pleasant limits.
  • The parquet flooring is extremely durable. The manufacturers therefore give guarantees of 20 to 30 years for private use. Should the surface of the parquet become unsightly after years, you can sand it down. This will make the floor look like new again.
  • This floor covering is Co2-neutral, because the wood has absorbed CO2 during its growth. If the parquet is recycled at any time, only as much CO2 is released as was previously absorbed.
  • The material for Parador engineered wood comes from sustainable forestry.
  • The wooden floor is always pleasantly warm to the feet.
  • A parquet floor is resilient and therefore easy on the joints and back.
  • Parador engineered wood is a 100 percent natural product. This gives your rooms a very special natural touch.

Rules for laying Parador Engineered Wood Flooring

Give the parquet 48 hours before layingto acclimatize in the room. To do this, lay the closed packages with the parquet flat in the room where it is to be laid later. The room temperature should be at least 17 °C. The relative humidity should be between 30 % and 65 %.

Parquet flooring is not suitable in principle for damp rooms.

The substrate on which the parquet flooring is to be laid must be level, dry, firm and free of cracks. Unevenness greater than 3 mm must be levelled out with filler. Especially with screeds, you must ensure that the residual moisture is not too high. It shall not exceed 0,5 % in anhydrite screeds without underfloor heating and 2 % in cement screeds. If there is underfloor heating, the values fall to 0.3% for anhydrite screed and 1.8% for cement screed. The values refer to a CM measurement.

Carpets are unsuitable as a substrate for laying parquet flooring. PVC and linoleum floors are only suitable if they are fully bonded.

With mineral substrates, a moisture barrier or vapour barrier must always be provided. This can already be integrated into the parquet flooring or you can lay it as a 0.2 mm thick PE foil.

Maintain an expansion joint of at least 10 mm to walls and other solid components. For larger areas the expansion joint must be larger. One calculates with 2 mm per m room width. If the parquet floor is to be laid over several rooms or if the room is larger than 8 m x 12 m, you must install an additional expansion joint.

When laying the parquet, make sure that you maintain a joint offset of at least 40 cm from row to row.

Install in such a way that the longitudinal edges of the parquet floorboards are parallel to the incidence of light.

Since parquet flooring planks are always slightly different in colour, use planks from different packages for installation. This gives a more consistent picture.

How to maintain the value of your parquet floor in the long term

  • Wipe up spilled liquids immediately.
  • Avoid carrying sand or similar on the floor. It looks like sandpaper. To do this, place dirt-trapping mats on the front door.
  • Provide the furniture legs with soft felt glides. This will prevent scratches in the parquet flooring.
  • The parquet flooring should be damp, never wiped wet.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or floor wax. For example, you can get special care products for your Parador engineered wood from Engineered Wood Flooring Kaiser.
  • Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the parquet floor.

Cleaning and maintenance of Parador engineered wood flooring

Loose particles are swept or vacuumed off for the final cleaning of the building. The floor is then wiped with a damp cloth with the addition of a commercial cleaner.

Maintenance cleaning consists mainly of daily sweeping or vacuuming. Stubborn soiling is removed by wiping with a damp cloth. For this purpose you can add an appropriate cleaning agent to the wiping water.

The parquet surface is either varnished or oiled or waxed. For their care there are special care products, which you can also get from Parkett Kaiser, among others.