Parador Vinyl Floor Basic 5.3

Parador Vinyl Basic 5.3 - beauty at affordable prices
This series is aimed at price-conscious buyers. It offers a good alternative to parquet or laminate floors. Visually and haptically there are hardly any differences to a real wood floor. However, floors from the Parador Vinyl Basic 5.3 range are much easier to care for than engineered wood or laminate.

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11 Items

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What distinguishes the Parador Vinyl Basic 5.3 series
  • Design: Plank with all-round joints
  • Wood decors: oak and pine
  • various surface finishes: brushed, ground, limed, whitened or combinations thereof
  • Colours: various shades of brown, white, grey
  • Wear layer 0.3 mm thick
  • dirt-repellent, antibacterial surface
  • integrated footfall sound insulation
  • can compensate for slight unevenness of the floor
  • warm to the feet and quiet
  • Multilayer construction with SPC carrier board
  • Service class for private use: NK 23 (heavy load possible)
  • Service class for the commercial sector: NK 31 (only for light load)
  • can be laid in damp rooms without any problems
  • is suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty for private use
This is how the country house floorboards are constructed
The planks are made up of several heterogeneous layers. At the top is the transparent UV coating layer. It is hard-wearing, easy-care and antibacterial. Therefore these vinyl floors are also very suitable for allergy sufferers.
Beneath the coating layer is the 0.3 mm thick transparent vinyl wear layer. This wear layer consists of the very hard plastic PU (polyurethane). It is abrasion resistant and contains the structural embossing.
Now follows the printed vinyl decoration layer. It is responsible for the brilliant, authentic effect of the plank.
The core of the floorboards is the waterproof and particularly dimensionally stable SPC (Solid Polymer Core) carrier layer that now follows.
Under the SPC layer there is still the acoustic backing. This perforated layer minimizes noise and thus optimizes the room acoustics.
Accessories for this series
Skirting boards, possibly with integrated cable routing, give you the opportunity to create a clean transition from the floor covering to the wall. They are either glued on with a special mounting adhesive or fixed with clips. So that the corners and edges also look good, there are also corner elements and caps. Parador also offers matching accessories, the end, transition and levelling profiles, for neatly finishing the floor covering, transitions from one room to the next and for levelling floor coverings of different heights. They are screwed or glued into the floor and are made of either vinyl or aluminium. Parador offers plastic locking wedges for easier installation. Use this to achieve an even expansion joint on all sides. After installation, these wedges are removed again and the expansion joints are covered with skirting boards or end profiles.
What you need to consider when laying this floor covering
Give the elements of this flooring 48 hours to acclimatise before laying. To do this, lay the unopened packages flat in the room where the floor is to be laid later.
Before you start laying the floor, make sure that the subfloor is firm, clean and level.
If the floor covering is to be installed on screed, concrete, tiles or over underfloor heating, you must first install a vapour barrier.
At the time of installation, the relative humidity in the room should be below 75% and the floor temperature should be at least 15°C.