Vinyl flooring Parador


Parador vinyl flooring in proven quality

Is there the perfect floor that looks great and is nevertheless hard-wearing? Parador vinyl is the ideal choice for people with the highest demands. First-class workmanship and high-quality materials combine to create a flexible product. The numerous decors open endless possibilities for your own creativity. Impregnated edges protect the material from moisture damage. High service classes are achieved by the robust vinyl and guarantee long-lasting pleasure. The easy-to-clean surfaces are an invaluable aid for allergies and are perfectly suited for households with children or pets. The click vinyl almost lays itself.

The Parador vinyl floor is a plastic floor, that does not use phthalates as plasticizers. Although it also contains softeners, these are made from components of the soya bean and are completely harmless to health. The Parador vinyl floor is also flame retardant. The Parador vinyl is offered in three product lines: Basic, Classic and Trendtime.

Basic is the most cost-effective variant of the Parador vinyl floor. Nevertheless, this line offers all the technical advantages of Parador vinyl. The rather quiet design is kept in muted colours. Therefore this floor covering remains discreetly in the background and fits to almost every interior.

In the product line Classic you will find timeless classic designs. They fit in well with the environment and are not outdated even after years. Here wood structures predominate in the more elegant version.

The Line Trendtime is aimed at all those who love the unusual. Unusual surfaces and original patterns make this Parador vinyl product range something very special.

The advantages of the click vinyl from Parador

Parador vinyl floor:

  • This floor covering can be laid quickly and easily.
  • The click vinyl from Parador can even out unevenness in the subfloor well. This saves you the work of preparing the substrate.
  • These floor coverings have integrated footfall sound insulation. This saves you time and money, because you do not have to install separate footfall sound insulation.
  • Click vinyl floor coverings are robust and durable.
  • A swelling protection ensures that no moisture can penetrate the floor covering from above.
  • Seamless plank transitions enable the laying of large even surfaces.
  • Click vinyl from Parador is offered in numerous different designs.
  • All click vinyl floor coverings from Parador are equipped with integrated cork impact sound insulation.

What are service classes?

The service class, abbreviated NK, is a term that you constantly come across in connection with floor coverings. The service class indicates for which location and for which intensity of use a floor covering is designed. Here the 2 means private use, the 3 commercial and the 4 industrial use

This distinction is important because the stress in the respective areas is highly variable. In the industrial sector, for example, heavy machines can also stand on the floor covering. In addition, the strength of the load is divided into three categories - from 1 = low load, 2 = normal load and 3 = heavy load. In the residential sector, for example, 23 would mean that the floor covering would also be able to withstand heavy loads, such as in the entrance area. It is not critical to select a vinyl floor covering that is designed to withstand a heavier load. On the other hand, you should not choose a flooring that is intended for lower loads.

Useful accessories for the Parador vinyl floor

  • 0.1 mm to 02 mm thick PE film as moisture barrier
  • Skirting boards as transition from the floor covering to the wall.
  • Transition profiles for designing the transition between two floor coverings of the same height.
  • Compensating profiles as transition between two floor coverings of different heights.

What is a moisture barrier?

The moisture barrier, also known as a vapour barrier, is a thin PE film that prevents moisture from the subfloor from penetrating into the floor covering. It is important for floating installation on screed or over underfloor heating. In case of a full-surface bonding, the adhesive acts as a moisture barrier.

More construction vocabulary: Residual moisture and readiness for covering

Every screed contains water. Immediately after laying or pouring a lot, later less. Therefore the screed must first dry before you can walk on it or cover it with a floor covering. The duration of this drying process depends on the temperature and humidity. In any case, you should expect four to eight weeks. The proportion of water that is still in the screed after drying is called Residual moisture. This value should not exceed 2 % for a cement screed and less than 0.5 % for a calcium sulphate screed when installing a vinyl floor covering. (For other floor coverings, other values may apply)

Once the residual moisture has fallen so far that a floor covering can be laid, the screed is ready for laying.

How to install Parador vinyl flooring

Correct preparation is extremely important for successful installation of the vinyl flooring. If you want to lay the floor covering in a new building, the screed must be "ready for laying". In case of doubt, have the residual moisture determined by an expert. If you install Parador vinyl flooring on a screed that is too damp, it will be so damaged that you will have to replace it.

The subfloor on which you want to lay the floor covering must be firm, level, clean and dry. Wooden floorboards, ceramic or stone tiles can serve as a base for your vinyl flooring. Old plastic or textile coverings should be removed.

Give the click vinyl flooring 48 hours to acclimatise before installation. To do this, lay the unopened packages flat on the floor of the room where the flooring is to be laid.

You need these tools for the installation

  • Hammer
  • Bumping block
  • Spacer
  • Pencil
  • Angle
  • Folding rule
  • Saw or cutter knife
If you want to install the vinyl floor covering on a mineral subfloor, e.g. screed, you must first install a moisture barrier. To do this, roll out the PE film on the substrate so that the sheets overlap by about 30 cm. If necessary, fix the foil with adhesive tape. Pull this film up about 3 cm along the edges towards the walls.

The installation of click vinyl flooring is quite simple. You start in a corner of the room and lay the first row of planks with their tongue side facing the wall. Click the boards on their narrow side from above into the previous board. Shorten the last plank of this row and use the rest as the beginning of the next row. From row to row you should maintain a joint offset of between 40 cm and 50 cm.

Towards the walls they leave an expansion joint of 2 mm per m room width. Use the spacers for this purpose. This expansion joint and any excess of the moisture barrier are finally covered with skirting boards. Click the planks of the second and all following rows from above into the long sides of the existing planks.

To install the skirtings

Parador also offers you matching skirtings for vinyl flooring. Depending on the model, these can be nailed, glued, screwed or fixed with clips.

If two strips meet at a corner, cut both at an angle so that they fit together

You can determine or transfer the angle most easily with a bevel. If you need to join two skirtings together because the wall is longer than a single skirting, cut them both at a 45° angle. This results in an almost invisible transition. If you simply place the two skirtings together, you will see the transition as a thin line.

Nailing is the simplest and fastest way to install the skirting boards. Place a nail approximately every 20 cm to securely fix the battens. For transitions, place a nail on both sides at a small distance.

To glue the skirting boards, use a special assembly adhesive, which you spread on the backs of the cut skirting boards. Then press the strips against the wall and hold them for a moment. If glue should ooze from the top of the skirting boards, wipe it off immediately with a cloth. Information on the drying time of the adhesive can be found on the package.

To fix the skirting boards with clips, first cut the skirting boards to size. So you know where corners and transitions are. Start at one end of the wall. Place the first clip about 10 cm from the end of the last. At the end of the wall, do the same with the last clip. Place another clip between these two corners approximately every 30 cm. Once you have attached the clips, you can place the skirting boards on them and let them click into place audibly.

Design - the eye "eats" with

Vinyl can be shaped very well. This makes deceptively real reproductions of wood or stone possible. The different decors are provided with authentic surface structures. This gives a nature-identical overall picture. This also makes it possible to imitate a saw-rough structure or to create the impression of a sandblasted surface. However, this does not only create an optical effect. The vinyl feels real too.

Parador chooses slightly chamfered edges for its vinyl floors. This creates fine joints that underline the plank character. A wide range of decors is available for individual taste. Tile looks are just as much a part of this as, for example, country house floorboards or ship floor parquet looks. Unusual and modern designs are naturally also part of the product line.

The structure makes the difference

Parador manufactures the vinyl floor in three different versions. The click vinyl is available as full vinyl and with HDF carrier board. The vinyl for gluing is also made of solid material. What's the difference?

Click vinyl made of solid material is completely insensitive to water and is suitable for use in damp environments without restrictions. It copes very well with the conditions in humid rooms. The patented click system is called Comfort Click and makes it child's play to lay the floor. The boards are less strong and lighter than vinyl with HDF core board.

This vinyl is a few millimetres thicker. The wood fibre board in the core is supported by a cork covering which insulates and absorbs noise. This results in a very good footfall sound insulation. Circumferential edges are protected with impregnation against swelling and thus become more tolerant of moisture. The connection between the planks is called Safe Lock and is as easy to use as the Comfort Click.

The vinyl for gluing has no click system and is made entirely of vinyl. For this reason it is also perfect for bathroom and kitchen.

Common to all three designs is that discoloration is prevented by a UV protective layer. The surface is also dirt-repellent and has an antibacterial effect. Thus the material is cleaned and maintained in no time at all.

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

The resistant material vinyl gives the flooring its high service class. He is more than up to the everyday demands. This is also the reason for the long warranty period with which the manufacturer provides its vinyl floors. Thanks to constant quality control, these floors are low-emission products that can be installed in living spaces without any risk of harm. Click vinyl is easy to install. The click system is technically well thought out and of high quality. The Parador vinyl can of course also be used together with a water-guided underfloor heating system.