Parador Vinyl Floor Classic 2050

Modern vinyl floor in handcrafted quality: Classic 2050

Anyone looking for a modern vinyl floor in perfect craftsmanship will be enthusiastic about the Vinyl Classic 2050 range from Parador. Here you will find a collection of high-quality click vinyl floors in many different colours, designs and decors. The vinyl floors from Parador convince with high material and manufacturing quality. The sophisticated vinyl is perfectly suited for the design of stylish living spaces. However, it can also be installed in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In the following you will learn more about the properties and advantages of the Parador Vinyl Classic 2050 series.

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Elegant and hard-wearing vinyl floors

The Vinyl Classic 2050 range from Parador comprises elegant and hard-wearing vinyl floors that can be laid easily and flexibly. The special feature of these floors is their transparent vinyl wear layer, which protects and preserves the floor covering. The vinyl floor from Parador is dirt-repellent, antibacterial and antistatic. Thus it promotes the health of the home, which is expressed in the well-being of the regular residents. The surface is also water-repellent, which makes the floor easy to maintain and protects against waves, mould and other moisture damage. The Vinyl Classic 2050 floor can be installed in damp rooms as well as in rooms with underfloor heating, which makes it universally applicable. The click vinyl has a low installation height of only 5 mm. This makes it easy to handle and renovation-friendly.

Stylish floorboards in country house style

Design, colours and decors are particularly high-quality and versatile in the Vinyl Classic 2050 series. The optical and haptic surface structure of the floors creates a real country house atmosphere. The decors are deceptively realistically modelled on natural wood. Oak, boxwood, shufflewood, old wood and eight other decors are available in many colour shades, so that you can perfectly match the floor with your interior design. Here are the decors from the Vinyl Classic 2050 range from Parador at a glance:

  • Oak
  • Shufflewood
  • Boxwood
  • Waste wood
High quality and robust design floor

The floors from the Vinyl Classic 2050 series from Parador are easy and flexible to install as click vinyl. They create a high walking comfort and, in combination with the right underlay, excellent footfall sound insulation. The floors are suitable not only for residential areas, but also for commercial rooms with medium load. The foot warm and resilient vinyl flooring can be laid in offices, cafés and workshops, for example. Thanks to the special surface finish, floors from the Vinyl Classic 2050 series are resistant and easy to maintain. They are resistant to wear marks such as stains, streaks or cracks. Wooden or parquet floors are not only visually imitated by the vinyl floors from this series. The porous-rough surface also simulates the corresponding substrate in haptic terms. You too can opt for the high-quality vinyl floors from the Parador Vinyl Classic 2050 range.