Parador vinyl flooring Classic 2070

These resilient Parador floors are characterized by their authentic appearance, superior technical properties and thus their versatility. With them, you get the natural beauty of classic oak decors in the room, but at the same time you also get the advantages of excellent, modern vinyl floors. The generous format of the plank and the surrounding bevel further enhance the impression of a floor made of wooden planks.

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Not all oak decors are the same

In the Parador Classic 2070 series, you will find highly diverse oak decors. These differ both in the color design and in the surface structure. This results in a variety of "oak floors" with very different looks. The color design ranges from very light - almost white - to a rich dark brown. In addition, there are the different surface structures, which not only increase the authenticity of the oak wood representation, but can also totally change the visual impression of the flooring. Specifically, this means:

  • Antique structure: the wood floor appears to have been in use for some time, the wood structure appears somewhat flat.
  • Rustic texture: here you will find clearly visible and noticeable signs of use, as with a wooden floor that has been used for quite a long time.
  • Wood texture: With this type of surface, the wood texture is clearly visible and noticeable, as with a new wooden floor.
  • Brushed structure: By brushing, the structure of the wood is particularly emphasized - you not only see this, you can also feel it.
  • Vivid texture: This surface emphasizes wood elements such as knots and grains, which can be felt as well as seen.
  • Rough sawn structure: Here, the impression of a used floor consisting of rough sawn wood is created.

With this variety of oak decors, you should have no problem finding the flooring that suits your taste and application in the Parador Classic 2070 series. If you are not quite sure, you can request a free sample for all floor coverings in this series without obligation.

The structure of the floor coverings from the Parador Classic 2070 series

Many of the extremely useful properties of these floorings are related to the special multi-layer construction of the planks. The core element of each of these planks is the SPC support layer (SPC = Solid Polymer Core). This rigid board - unlike a wood fiber board - is absolutely waterproof and very dimensionally stable. It also easily compensates for small unevennesses in the subfloor. Thus, for example, when renovating a bathroom, you can easily install this flooring over an existing tiled floor without much preparation work. The installation of this flooring is extremely simple and can be done quickly even by laymen. For this purpose, the click connection system integrated into the sides of the support plate. Under the rigid board there is an acoustic counteracting layer that reduces walking noise and thus improves the room acoustics. This makes these floor coverings very quiet. On top of the backing board is the printed decorative layer of vinyl. It is responsible for the brilliant, authentic look and is covered by a transparent wear layer. The feel associated with the respective look is created by the structural embossing of this abrasion-resistant wear layer. The entire structure of the planks is crowned by a transparent, UV-resistant, very hard-wearing top layer. It also makes the floorboards extremely easy to care for.

The advantages of floating installation

Floating installation refers to an installation in which the elements of the floor covering are only connected to each other, not to the subfloor. The floor coverings of the Parador Classic 2070 series are installed floating with the help of the integrated click system. For this purpose, no adhesive is required and the installation does not require great craftsmanship. Since no adhesive needs to dry out, the floor can be walked on immediately after installation. Because the flooring is not glued to the subfloor with this type of installation, you can remove it at any time without leaving any residue.

This is how versatile the vinyl floor coverings of the Parador Classic 2070 series are

Because these floor coverings are very robust and water-resistant, they are suitable for installation in just about any interior space. Wet rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens can thus be integrated into a uniform floor design. Underfloor heating is also no obstacle. Due to the UV-resistant top layer, floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony doors or similar are also no problem. You do not have to fear fading of the flooring due to long exposure to sunlight. The integrated impact sound insulation makes these floor coverings pleasantly quiet. This is, of course, a great advantage for the floor in the children's room, but also makes itself felt in other rooms extremely positive. By the way, you can also install the vinyl floors of the Parador Classic 2070 series in children's rooms with a clear conscience. These floor coverings are excellent for their low emissions and thus their positive influence on the indoor climate. Their antibacterial and always foot-warm surface invites barefoot running, playing and lying on the floor. Since these vinyl floors are robust and easy to clean, you will enjoy them for a long time. That's why Parador also gives you a lifetime warranty on the vinyl floors in this series. But these floor coverings are not only suitable for installation in private homes. They can also score points in the commercial sector with their combination of natural beauty and practical properties. Even for commercial use, Parador still provides a 10-year warranty on these floor coverings.