Parador vinyl floor Trendtime 5.50

Please note: Unfortunately, this product is no longer part of the current Parador range.
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Parador Vinyl Trendtime 5.50 - the contemporary flair of modern material
There are structures that appear almost magically stylized in sunlight and in shadow. Removed, their grey reminds one of moon rocks, washed out by the power of the colour contrast. In contrast, patterns (from the Latin for to show or indicate) as signs refer to a uniform repetition of identical appearance. This abstraction of a decorative stylistic element, known from art, has been found since antiquity and probably beyond, from the Orient to the Occident. While plant motifs were particularly popular in ancient Egypt, clear lines and geometric patterns were used in the Middle East.
The similarity of mineral texture and geometrically abstract repetition - in the Vinyl Trendtime 5.50 series from the brand manufacturer PARADOR®, this emotional and sometimes suggestive effect on the viewer is combined. On the one hand, order is thus conveyed by a repetitive material character on the whole. On the other hand, details moving away from it and attracting it, such as a shade or a break in the existing geometry, dynamise the ground immensely.
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