Parador vinyl floor Trendtime 8

Vinyl floors with a more or less authentic oak decor are offered more frequently. The Trendtime 8 series from Parador, on the other hand, includes vinyl floor coverings whose oak decor can hardly be distinguished from a real wood floor, both visually and haptically. This is achieved on the one hand by an excellent digital print on the decor layer and on the other hand by a special surface embossing of the transparent wear layer. This means that the decors can not only have a wide range of color shades, but also feature stone inclusions, grains or tree shoots. So you have the choice between calm or rather lively looking floor coverings. But all of them have in common a natural beauty that will enhance your rooms. The large plank format, combined with the bevel on all four sides, further enhances the impression of a wood floor.

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Superior properties of the floorings of the series Trendtime 8

The vinyl floors of this Parador series can do much more than just look good. They can be installed quickly and easily, are waterproof, robust and easy to clean, are versatile and have a long service life. When used in private living spaces, the manufacturer therefore gives you a lifetime warranty on these floor coverings, and when installed in a commercial environment, the warranty period is still 10 years.

Thanks to the Comfort-Click system integrated into the planks, the floating installation of these floor coverings is quick and easy - even for less experienced DIYers. With a floating installation, the individual elements of the flooring are only connected to each other, not to the subfloor. Therefore, you do not need any glue for the installation and can use the floor immediately after the end of the installation work. In addition, if necessary, the vinyl floor can be removed without damaging the substrate. The core of the floor boards is a rigid SPC board (SPC is the abbreviation for Solid Polymer Core). This rigid board "automatically" compensates for minor unevenness in the subfloor. Therefore, you usually do not need to work on the subfloor beforehand to make it suitably level. It should only be firm, dry and clean. This may save you a lot of work, which cannot necessarily be done properly even by the inexperienced.

Since an impact sound insulation is already integrated into the planks due to the acoustic backing, the floor coverings of the Trendtime 8 series are exceptionally quiet. The additional installation of impact sound insulation, as is normally required for rigid floor coverings, is therefore not necessary. This saves you further work, time and costs.

Floor coverings from the Trendtime 8 series are also an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens. These floor coverings are waterproof, so it's okay to have a puddle on them for some time. In addition, they are easy to clean, so if something splashes on the floor in the kitchen, it is not a big deal and can be easily cleaned away. Especially for use in the bathroom or shower, the always warm to the feet, elastic, non-slip and antibacterial surface makes a positive difference. Their properties also make the floor coverings in the Trendtime 8 range particularly suitable for installation in children's rooms. These Parador floors virtually invite children to play, lie and run barefoot on them. At the same time, combining them with underfloor heating is no problem - the floor coverings are also approved for this. Another plus point of these Parador floors are their extremely low emissions. They are certified by TÜV Rheinland and awarded the French A+ seal for their good influence on the indoor air. Therefore, you can install the vinyl floors of this Parador series with a clear conscience everywhere, especially in children's rooms and bedrooms.

The top layer of these multi-layer planks is a transparent, very hard-wearing UV coating. It ensures that the decor layer underneath is not attacked by UV rays and the decor thus fades. Therefore, these Parador floor coverings can be exposed to prolonged sunlight without any problems. This also makes them ideal for installation in conservatories or other rooms with large, floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors.

So you see: Indoors, you can use the floor coverings of this Parador series everywhere. This opens up a whole new range of home design possibilities for you.

However, Parador floor coverings from the Trendtime 8 range are also well suited for use in the commercial sector

Their robustness, ease of care and water resistance make these particularly quiet floor coverings just as good a choice for the commercial sector. Hotel rooms, retail stores, medical practices or rooms of pubs or restaurants thus receive floors that are just as beautiful as they are practical and durable in handling. Thanks to the different color shades and various surface embossments, you will find the ideal flooring for every application. You are not limited to the classic oak design, this Parador series also includes unusual designs with reference to the natural environment. The latter also make the floor coverings interesting for a younger audience. Due to the floating installation, the floors are also particularly suitable for rooms rented for a short time or trade fair stands, as they can be removed again without any problems without leaving any residue. From Parador, the floor coverings of this series are also approved for heavy loads in the commercial sector. This shows quite clearly that floating installation with the help of the Comfort-Click system leads to a very stable connection.