Skaben Organic Flooring Pro Climate Click 70 CORK to click

You love the natural look of cork and are looking for an environmentally friendly, durable and waterproof flooring for your cozy home? Skaben organic floors Pro Climate Click 70 Cork are functional all-rounders with strong properties! They are suitable for high traffic and use in damp areas, but at the same time they are warm, soft and wonderfully elastic. The natural beauty and practical living comfort are not the only arguments for this innovative cork flooring series. Because cork is a renewable resource, the floors are thoroughly sustainable and climate-friendly. They are easy to install and bind more CO2 than is released during their manufacture. Are these good reasons for you? Now all you have to do is find your personal dream decor in natural cork look - from dark black tea to light moonshine silver, the range of natural cork variants is wide:

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Natural and sustainable living with cork

If you're a fan of the high-quality natural material, you know what it's made of: The versatile raw material cork is obtained by peeling the bark of the cork oak. For environmentally conscious nature lovers, it is increasingly an important criterion in furnishing that no forests are destroyed and only renewable raw materials are processed. The waterproof, hard-wearing and attractive organic floors with natural cork veneer under the protective wear layer are a sensible investment in the future of our planet. Four intelligent cork layers ensure that this floor not only looks good, but can handle the stresses of everyday life with confidence. Look forward to a high-quality feel-good floor for your beautiful home. If you have any questions, our flooring experts are here to help!

Which color scheme suits your home?

The appealing look of authentic cork veneer harmoniously adapts to a wide variety of living styles. Do you live bright and friendly, dark and elegant or timelessly natural? With these cork flooring clicks, you are sure to find the new favorite floor that gives your rooms a homely flair and practical comfort. Are you wavering between the puristic or lively cork decors found in this flooring series? Be sure to order your personal sample for on-site testing. Only then will you be able to tell without a doubt which cork variant perfectly matches the designer couch in the living room, the free-standing bathtub in the home spa or the meeting table in the conference room. Plan your living spaces with pleasure from a single source: the waterproof organic floors also accompany you in the kitchen and bathroom with practical feel-good ambience.

This is what makes the Pro Climate organic floors Cork Click 70 Skaben so special:

PVC-free organic floors made of cork, which refine your home in a sustainable and climate-friendly way, are a future trend. The robust top layer protects the attractive cork veneer against abrasion and signs of wear. The high use class 23/33 guarantees dimensional stability and durability. If you are looking for an easy-care, stain-resistant floor covering that is also suitable for safe crawling, dancing and romping, Cork Click 70 is ideal! Whether it's a daycare center, a gymnasium, a barrier-free senior apartment or a vacation home by the sea, a Pro Climate organic flooring Cork Click 70 from Skaben is always and everywhere a functional, tasteful and environmentally friendly solution! Any questions? Our flooring experts have the answer!

Comfortable floors for the environmentally conscious

Your home is the place where you relax and have fun alone or with your family. Skaben organic floors series Cork 70 with authentic cork veneer are a good basis for your cozy oasis of well-being. This floor series virtually guarantees a cozy ambience, warmth and good room acoustics in your four walls. The non-slip and joint-friendly cork floors gently cushion any falls and invite you to run barefoot, dance and frolic.

Skaben Cork 70: timeless floors for modern climate protectors!

Nature and technology combine in these floors to create true masterpieces of naturalness, functionality and sustainability: the multi-layer cork construction with the resistant surface coating combines comfort and hygiene. By the way, the dirt-repellent cork planks for clicking are also perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Skaben organic flooring Pro Climate Click 70:

  • warm and comfortable underfoot
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • elastic and easy on the joints
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • Click system for easy floating installation
  • sustainable and climate-friendly
  • suitablefor damp rooms

Not sure if the subtle and natural cork decor of Skaben's Cork 70 climate floors really suits your rooms? Perhaps you would prefer a lively oak grain or stone look? You'll also find the same product features in the Pro Climate series in chic wood and stylish stone decors. With all variants of these durable floor series, you make an active contribution against climate change and secure a high-quality floor with a lifetime guarantee in your living area!