Skaben Organic Floor Pro Climate Click 70 STONE / 70 WOOD / 70 CORK / 73 WOOD


Are you looking for a climate-friendly and sustainable organic floor to click on? Attractive appearance, durability and pleasant room acoustics are as important to you as the perfect barefoot feeling? In Skaben's Pro Climate Click Collection you will find a wide range of floors that are made from the renewable raw material cork, but do not always look like cork. If you want to make an active contribution against climate change, you rightly give a lot of thought to the furnishing of your home. Floors made from the renewable bark of the cork oak are actually good for our climate: they demonstrably bind more CO2 than is generated during their production. The sustainable and forward-looking floor coverings for floating installation are therefore ideal for anyone who wants to redesign their rooms quickly, easily, in an environmentally friendly way that conserves resources.

This is how climate-friendly living works!

If you like the natural look of cork, you know anyway that this floor series is just right for you and your new home. Do you prefer the authentic look of wood floors, but don't want trees to be cut down for your new floor? Many organic floors from Skaben's Pro Climate Klick series are indistinguishable from real wood thanks to the authentic decorative layer. Since they are made from the renewable natural material cork, they are still PVC-free, warm and resilient. Simply choose your new climate floor to click from the different qualities and decor variants. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us so that we can bring you closer to your personal dream floor, step by step, with practical professional tips and design recommendations!

Which Pro Climate Click organic floor from Skaben will soon complement your home?

Whether you choose Pro Climate Click 70 or Pro Climate Click 73 depends on the subfloor and the required insulation. Whether your home is better suited to the Cork, Wood or Stone* variants is a question of style! Light or dark, elegant or rustic, stylish or down-to-earth? With Skaben Pro Climate clickable floors, your design favorite is sure to be there! Simply click through the different decor options until you discover your sustainable and durable cork floor to click:

Benefits of Skaben's Pro Climate organic flooring click series:

The robust floor coverings, 7.0 or 7.3 mm thick depending on the series, are cleverly composed of several layers. A moisture-resistant surface protects the high-resolution digital print of the attractive decorative layer against signs of wear and abrasion. Underneath, a high-density cork layer, the PVC-free Cork Rigid Core layer and the integrated cork carpet pad provide impact sound insulation and living comfort. Thanks to the efficient Angle & Angle click technology, this climate-friendly flooring from Skaben can be easily installed as a floating floor. This works perfectly on underfloor heating systems as well as in damp rooms. The water-repellent planks are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and toilets.

Climate-friendly floors with natural flair!

You love wood, but don't want trees to be cut down for your floor? Skaben's sustainable and resource-friendly Pro Climate Click series organic floors are made from the renewable bark of cork oak. You can't tell by looking at the material on every cork floor. High-resolution digital printing makes it possible for your new organic floor to look like rustic country house floorboards made of honey-colored oak, for example. Systematically approach your individual desired decor and look forward to an attractive and hard-wearing floor covering made of renewable natural materials! Do you have any questions? We are here for you!

Natural cork floors create a feeling of security

Would you like to transform your home into an oasis of peace and security? These cork floors for clicking create cozy ambience and good room acoustics in no time. The natural material cork is naturally warm, elastic and sound-absorbing. If you want to replace your old floor with a comfortable, quick to install and sustainable alternative, floor coverings with cork content are a good choice. The natural thermal insulation of the raw material even helps you actively save energy. The soft and elastic cork floors for clicking are ideal in the children's room, in the gymnasium and in the senior apartment! Gentle on the joints and non-slip all-rounders prevent injuries gently cushion any falls.

Skaben Bio Floors Pro Climate Click: uncomplicated quality floors for ambitious do-it-yourselfers

These floors combine nature and technical innovation to create contemporary and durable companions in everyday life. The multi-layer construction with its robust surface coating is responsible for the elasticity, pressure stability and ease of cleaning. The intuitive click system makes laying the floor a breeze even for less experienced do-it-yourselfers. The extremely dirt-repellent and easy-care organic floors for clicking are of course also excellently suited for allergy sufferers. Do you need practical installation tips? We will be happy to help you!

Skaben Organic Floors Pro Climate Click - the main highlights

  • warm and comfortable underfoot
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • elastic
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • sustainable and climate-friendly
  • easy to lay floating on underfloor heating systems

Which variant of the Skaben Pro Climate Click Collection do you like best? Simply request your personal sample and look forward to a high-quality and sustainable cork-based floor covering. By doing so, you will be making an important contribution to nature and against climate change.