Skaben Organic Flooring Pro Climate Click 70 WOOD to click

You love the cozy look of natural wood planks, but don't want trees to be cut down for your new flooring? Environmental and climate protection are important to you when furnishing your beautiful home? Do you also want your environmentally and climate-friendly flooring to be emission-free, floating and easy to maintain? The Skaben organic floors of the Pro Climate Click 70 Wood series meet your criteria and are also waterproof and suitable for damp rooms, extremely durable and easy on the joints! Click through the appealing wood decor variants now and discover your very own personal favorite!

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For these planks definitely no trees are felled!

And yet the planks from Skaben's Pro Climate series are pure nature! Golden Honey, Scotia Oak or Oak Gobi are the sonorous names for the lively or softly grained wood texture on the cork veneer of these floors. The high-resolution digital print under the scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent top layer makes it possible for this floor series to look like real wood even at second glance. In reality, the floors are made up of 4 different layers of cork that provide warmth, resilience, pressure resistance, good acoustics and all-around cozy living comfort! You should not only see these floors, but also feel them! Simply order your personal sample for a look-and-feel and read on about the inspiring properties of these home-friendly floors of the future!

These planks can also be used in the bathroom!

How nice when one and the same flooring is suitable for all rooms! This brings generosity and modern, inviting flair into the home! These floors are made for heavy use in entrance areas, for high heels in office floors and for the queue in the designer store. Even when used in damp areas, this type of flooring is a delightfully warm underfoot, soft and easy on the joints. You may have forgotten again that these organic floors are made not from wood, but from the bark of the cork oak tree. The renewable raw material is so sustainable and climate-friendly that it even binds more CO2 than is released during production. Does that convince you? Now you just have to decide on the right look - lively or purist, warm and homely or stylish and sophisticated? It's up to you how your rooms will look in the future! If you have any doubts or questions, we will support you with practical tips and experience.

Click easily, live comfortably and protect the climate!

The 7 mm thick cork floors with the resistant protective layer are timeless all-rounders that are easy to install. The intuitive click system gives even non-professionals a quick sense of achievement, intensifying the lasting relationship with your floor right from the start. If you prefer to hire an expert, we will be happy to arrange a craftsman near you. Skaben's attractive floors with the authentic wood digital print on the cork veneer layer come with a lifetime warranty in residential applications and a 10-year warranty in commercial applications. The versatile floor is indeed a companion for life! The fact that no tree has to die for this 100% natural flooring, because only renewable raw materials are processed, makes it a worthwhile investment in the future. Do you have any questions? Our flooring experts will be happy to help you!

Which color suits your rooms?

Authentic wood grain fits always and everywhere! How light, dark, delicate or strong the grain turns out will later determine the overall character of your living and business spaces. Therefore, take your time with the selection and order your floor sample for on-site testing. The robust and easy-care all-rounders of use class 23/33 are practical, stylish and environmentally friendly in all variants. Your home is above all the place where you relax alone or with the whole family after a hard day , celebrate together, cook, splash and eat. Skaben organic floors series Wood 70 are an ideal basis for your most beautiful living dreams. Cozy flair, foot-warm barefoot feeling and pleasant room acoustics make the non-slip and joint-friendly organic floors a permanent asset in all living areas.

Skaben Wood 70: trendy floors for active climate protectors!

Naturalness and technical progress are the quintessence of this hard-wearing and sustainable floor series: the natural look and the intelligent construction are responsible for attractive climate floors with many advantages:

  • warm and comfortable underfoot
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • elastic and easy on the joints
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • Click system for easy floating installation
  • sustainable and climate-friendly
  • suitablefor damp rooms

Are you convinced by the sustainable and climate-friendly properties of these high-quality floors from Skaben? You are not sure whether variants for clicking or Skaben organic floors for gluing are better suited for your room situation? Our experts will help you! They will give you practical installation tips and know how to make your new floor look perfect and stay attractive for a long time.