Skaben Organic Flooring Pro Climate Click 73 WOOD to click

There is nothing like the natural look of real wood floors. Environmentally conscious and active climate protectors are bothered by the fact that forests are cut down for these floor coverings. The organic floors of the Pro Climate Click 73 Wood series are an environmentally friendly alternative: authentic wood look on a natural cork basis makes these floors environmentally and climate friendly. The water-resistant and moisture-proof all-rounders are easier to clean and more hard-wearing than wood, but still bring the unmistakable character of authentic country house floorboards with a surrounding bevel into your home! Let the attractive decor variants of this exceptional organic flooring for clicking take effect on you:

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Country house floorboards for clicking that protect the climate!

Which plank floor from Skaben's Pro Climate Wood 73 series fits best in your chic home is not such an easy decision:dark Nagal oak, Pacific gray oak, Nordmann spruce or beach bleached gray are just a small selection of the elegant, natural or fresh decor variants. The special feature of this climate-friendly flooring series is that the wood grain is applied to the warm and walking-friendly cork veneer using high-resolution digital printing. This creates the authentic wood look under the scratch-resistant and durable top layer. The sustainable floors are constructed from 4 intelligent layers of cork, each of which does its part to provide warmth, resilience, dimensional stability, pleasant acoustics and genuine home comfort. You want to feel these floors too? Order a floor sample of your design favorite directly or read more about the clever features of this flooring of the future with Lifetime Guarantee!

Spacious living ambiance for the responsible!

We always love it when flooring runs through all living spaces! It makes for spacious flair and an inviting ambiance! When the same wooden floor enhances your rooms from the entrance area through the living room, bedroom and children's room to the kitchen and bathroom, it has a harmonious and particularly homely effect! How good that the hard-wearing organic flooring in service class 23/33 is made for heavy use in any living and working environment. Warm to the feet and easy on the joints, the organic floors, which look like wood but are made from the bark of the cork oak, bind more CO2 than is released during production. You like that? Choose your favorite floor from the attractive variants for more flair and living comfort! Do you have any questions? We will be happy to support you with design, care and installation tips.

Just click and sit back and relax!

The 7.3 mm thick organic floors from the Pro Climate Collection are exclusive power floors that are quick and easy to install. The Ankle to Ankle click system is fun and brings quick results! These waterproof floors really make a statement and can also be installed on underfloor heating and in the bathroom. Do you prefer to leave this work to a professional? Talk to us! We will be happy to find a suitable craftsman in your area. Are you interested in the fact that Skaben guarantees this high-quality flooring series with all-round be vel and authentic wood digital print on cork veneer for life in the living area and 10 years warranty on object surfaces? So you can really sit back and relax and enjoy a 100% natural floor for which only renewable raw materials have been processed!

Which design suits your residential and commercial premises?

Attractive wood decor is a timelessly attractive addition to any home! The color tone and intensity of the wood grains determine the character of your rooms. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of possibilities. Feel free to take your time in the selection process and include the wishes and ideas of all family members. With floor samples for on-site testing, you'll not only get a tactile impression of your new floor, but you'll see more accurately how the surface looks in different lighting conditions and with your individual furniture and home accessories. Design the place where you eat, relax, celebrate, cook or work alone or with family, friends or colleagues as it perfectly suits you. The right flooring plays an important role in this! A cozy ambience, a pleasant barefoot feeling and optimal room acoustics create the best conditions for real feel-good moments! The non-slip and joint-friendly organic floors are also a safe, healthy and comfortable living solution for children and seniors.

Skaben Wood 73: innovative floors with a special flair!

These floors with that certain something are the first choice for individualists who want to preserve the climate and nature, but still enjoy all the possibilities of technical progress. The hard-wearing floor series convinces now and later with visual, functional and sustainable properties:

  • warm and comfortable underfoot
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • elastic and easy on the joints
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • Click system for easy floating installation
  • sustainable and climate-friendly
  • suitablefor damp rooms

Have you fallen in love with a Skaben Pro Climate Wood 73 variant? Are you still wavering between different decors or do you not know whether the click variant is really optimal for your rooms? Feel free to order one or more floor samples for comparison. In case of doubt, our experts will of course assist you with individual decision criteria and design tips. Just give us a call at