Skaben vinyl floor Massiv Life 70

Skaben Vinyl massive life 70 - a professional floor for intensive use

Would you like to give your rooms an authentic wood or stone look, but not without the practical, easy-care and comfortable properties of vinyl? Your floor covering is regularly exposed to dirt and intensive use? Then the vinyl floors of the Vinyl massiv life 70 series from Skaben could be your ideal floor partner. These six-layer professional design floors are a reliable and extremely hard-wearing floor covering with timeless flair in private homes and heavily used commercial areas ! In Skaben's "Massiv life 70 - Collection" you will find expressive design floors for every taste of living and every environment! Thanks to the synchronous embossing on the Skaben EIR Real Feel surface, the robust vinyl floors for gluing offer a material experience that is authentic not only visually but also haptically. The only 2.5 mm thick multi-layer vinyl series with scratch-resistant PU surface, high-quality fibreglass middle layer, stabilisation and backing convinces with high service classes in private, commercial and industrial environments.

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Discover your favourite design for object surfaces and family rooms!

Under the scratch-resistant sealant, the high-resolution wood, stone or concrete decor inspires for rustic, modern or puristic flair in living and business premises. Open-plan offices, hotels, shops and rental properties gain in living value and charisma through this robust adhesive vinyl. This versatile and robust all-rounder is ideal if you want to quickly give living rooms, medical practices or commercial premises an attractive face. Low maintenance, high durability, high elasticity and suitability for wet rooms make the vinyl solid life 70 - series from Skaben a popular classic for rooms that are used heavily. In the entrance area, waiting room or café, a floor covering must be able to withstand stones and dirty profile soles, especially in winter. Nevertheless, the appearance must be attractive and inviting. With this vinyl series from Skaben you are spoilt for choice: light, dark or grey oak grain? Antique or vintage? Or would you prefer sandstone? Each design gives your rooms a different look! Not sure if this floor will match your object or which decor of the series will look most stylish in your rooms? Call us and let our experts give you competent advice! If in doubt, please ask for a sample. We know that you can always best test the effect of a floor covering on site in your home or business premises.

Objective, solid, clean and hard-wearing!

The Skaben Vinyl Massiv Life 70 series convinces with best quality "Made in Germany" and many practical and hygienic advantages. The floors make your everyday life in the office, in the doctor's practice or at home a bit more relaxed and uncomplicated:

This flooring scores above all:

  • particularly easy cleaning and care
  • robust and scratch-resistant PU surface
  • Suitability for damp locations
  • high dimensional stability
  • suitable for floor heating systems

The timeless vinyl floors of this series fit harmoniously into every living and working ambience. The puristic stone look fits perfectly with minimalist living and practice furniture. With rustic oak, the breakfast room in the hotel becomes cosy and inviting. Even heavy pieces of furniture leave no pressure marks on the floors of this series. Regular rearrangements and tenant changes are therefore no problem! Skaben gives a 30-year guarantee on this vinyl series in the living area. Anyone who rents out houses or apartments will certainly appreciate this great promise of quality. In the commercial sector, you can rely on a 15-year manufacturer's warranty. Anyone who thinks long-term will therefore be happy to shortlist this solid and durable vinyl series from the quality brand Skaben.

What you should consider:

Skaben Vinyl Massiv Life 70 does not have integrated footfall sound insulation. The floor must be glued professionally. This requires some skill, experience and the right vinyl adhesive. Once glued, the floor can only be removed easily if you use an appropriate footfall sound insulation as an underlay. Everything clear? If you have any questions or uncertainties, your Parquet-Kaiser team will be happy to help!