Skaben vinyl floor


Skaben premium vinyl floors

Are you looking for a robust all-rounder with an attractive appearance? Explore the different decors and qualities at Skaben Vinyl. Skaben Vinyl has the right vinyl flooring for every living area and every load class, with the properties essential to your needs. Skaben Vinyl combines hard-wearing suitability for everyday use with a wide range of attractive designs to match your living style! Robust vinyl floors from Skaben offer a wide range of practical advantages. At the same time, they are real design icons that visually enhance your living and object rooms. The Rhino Click and Massiv Life series are available in different thicknesses and qualities. With them you can bring stylish wood, concrete, metal or tile optics into your beautiful home without having to give up the advantages of an innovative vinyl floor!

Skaben Vinyl - a clever floor covering with many practical advantages

Vinyl floors are practical and uncomplicated all-rounders when it comes to the rapid renovation of old floors. If you want to give an unrenovated old building or an aging row bungalow a new look quickly and easily, you've come to the right place with high-quality vinyl: thanks to the low installation height of just a few millimetres, it is rarely necessary to shorten or sand down doors. Vinyl is also a contemporary and versatile alternative to other floors for new buildings. A stylish and hard-wearing vinyl floor achieves a high quality of living and life with little effort:

  • ideal for the quick renovation of old floors
  • easy to clean
  • warm to the feet
  • non-slip
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • phthalate-free
Skaben vinyl floors - practical all-rounders for every taste

Skaben vinyl floors are available in ten different series with attractive colour and design variations. You can be sure to find the floor of your dreams: choose from Skaben premium vinyl floors

  • for gluing
  • click here
  • for loose laying
  • with or without integrated footfall sound insulation

The high-quality vinyl series from Skaben can be ordered from Parkett Kaiser in many traditional and extravagant colour worlds and various wear classes. You fluctuate between several decors and qualities? We will be happy to advise you or send you the samples of your choice for on-site testing on the object! Please call us and ask us your questions!

Your direct way to Skaben vinyl flooring

Solid vinyl from Skaben can be ordered as adhesive or click version. For Skaben floating vinyl floors, an additional impact sound protection film is required as a base. With the intelligently designed click systems, the impact sound insulation is usually directly integrated. Click through the possibilities and get a practical and visual approach to your desired floor. The Rhino Click and Massiv life series are available in different wear layer thicknesses and styles. Depending on the thickness of the wear layer and the integrated sound insulation, these high-quality vinyl floors are also suitable for highly frequented object and entrance areas. Start your voyage of discovery through the different product series and approach your personal dream floor in a targeted manner.

Four rooms, kitchen, bathroom - Vinyl by Skaben for holistic living dreams

Vinyl flooring is ideal if you want to create attractive living environments in your home. Bedroom and bathroom, living room and open kitchen, children's room and wellness paradise should merge directly and organically? Your renovated bathroom or WC should radiate a cosy wood look? With vinyl the symbiosis of both worlds works: Style and suitability for wet rooms. The foot warm, waterproof and impact sound insulating floor covering for the whole family is healthy and stylish. Anyone who thinks of vinyl as PVC flooring from the 60s is completely wrong. Today's innovative vinyl is an environmentally friendly and uncomplicated floor covering that implements your design wishes skilfully and in an environmentally friendly way: the country house plank, ship's floor and herringbone look is hardly distinguishable from real wood floors. Even stone and concrete skilfully imitate the chameleon under the flooring. The decisive advantage of Skaben vinyl is that it is more durable and easier to care for than wood, but softer, more slip-resistant and warmer than stone.

Skaben Vinyl - innovation with healthy living properties

Premium vinyl floors from Skaben are phtalate-free and can therefore also be laid in the bedroom and children's room with a clear conscience. The plasticizer required for this special floor quality is extracted from the soya bean. Skaben vinyl floors are therefore healthy to live on and kind to the skin. Walking barefoot is a real pleasure on this flooring which is easy on the joints. Instead of expensive impregnation, regular wiping with standard household cleaning agents is sufficient for vinyl floors. Anyone who frequently receives guests in their rooms will particularly appreciate the attractive floor with its practical and easy-care properties in everyday life. Playing children and pets with dirty paws will not be able to harm Premium Vinyl from Skaben. The robust and hard-wearing floor can easily cope with all the challenges of everyday living. It's chic all the same: Choose between attractive colour worlds and material designs: Ship's floor in light oak, grey concrete or oxide rust easily conjure up the ambience of your choice in living rooms, commercial areas and leisure paradises!