Tarkett organic flooring iD Revolution

This newcomer already protects the natural resources and the health of the users when it is created

With the iD Revolution collection, TARKETT has made a fundamental and lasting change in the field of floor coverings. The fact that the manufacturer is always good for surprises has been proven time and again. But with this product range a very special flooring system sees the light of day. The displays are made entirely from recycled raw materials. Environmentally conscious action always plays a major role. The traditional company does not think much of short-term lightning actions. All business decisions are planned and well-considered. Furthermore, TARKETT stands for transparency and value. Every material used is subjected to strict scientific tests before use. At the same time, detailed information on the product ingredients is provided. This allows experts and consumers alike to get a clear picture of the composition of the products. The core objective at the various stages of development is to preserve the natural resources of our planet and to deliberately reduce negative effects on climate change. To achieve this, the brand manufacturer has introduced high standards and is working with future-oriented partners to ensure that innovative production techniques can actually be implemented. All these principles are successfully applied in the id Revolution series.

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Healthier interiors do not have to remain a wishful thinking

This new product from TARKETT is the first Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Gold certified elastic design floor covering. The floor solution has more than earned this award. Especially as all floorings from the id Revolution collection meet the highest environmental standards. In detail, the ecological footprint is immediately visible. More than 80% of the planks and tiles are made of recycled or bio-based materials. Even minerals are not left out during the creation of the products. The company mainly uses minerals that do not contribute to the scarcity of resources. The main components include 23% recycled PVB from windscreens or safety glass from buildings, 11% bioplastics (PLA) and 49% chalk. The selected raw materials ultimately contribute to the flooring's resistance, performance and durability. With the introduction of these new interpretations, a new era is dawning in today's living environment. No more wastefulness, but a circular economy that above all benefits the environment and people. Here are the most important facts in an overview.
  • Made of environmentally friendly and compostable or recyclable materials
  • The C2C showpieces are free of pollutants and allow a healthy indoor climate
  • Suitable for highly frequented areas in private households and business
  • Provided with a high-quality TopClean surface finish, which guarantees additional resistance to abrasion, scratches and stains
  • The range is available in 12 authentic wood and stone decors

An enormous amount of power

There is no PVC, solvents or phthalates in the organic soil. Consequently, they are odourless models. Due to the substances used there are no unpleasant odours for the users. Sensitivity disorders such as headaches or dizziness are therefore not noticeable. The planks and tiles also have a robust and easy-care TopClean XP surface protection. Contamination and fine dust particles bounce off the surface layer. The mucous membranes and respiratory tract are not exposed to unnecessary stress. Thus, a weakening of the immune system can be specifically avoided. Especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, this floor covering is a real first prize. Families with children and pets should also definitely consider these high quality floor coverings. These all-rounders have long been omnipresent in commercial buildings. Whether in hospitals, schools, cafés, hotels, offices, shops, care facilities or agencies, organic flooring makes life much easier in many areas. Especially as the arrangements have a brilliant construction method. More stability and strength is achieved by the unique structure reinforced with glass fibre fleece. Indentations or cracks in the material are not possible. The high-resolution decors serve as optical highlights. Thanks to modern printing processes, the design can be very authentically imitated to the actual model. Vivid variants with strong knots or timeless oak decors can be implemented one-to-one. Consumers do not even have to do without modern concrete designs. TARKETT makes a lot possible and this can be seen and felt especially with these organic floors.