Tarkett Organic Flooring

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A practical soil solution that benefits both people and the environment

For TARKETT, environmental protection and healthy living are not just pretty-sounding phrases, but are taken incredibly seriously. The manufacturer works exclusively with natural and harmless materials. The Tarkett organic floor is proof of this. This is a collection that is free from solvents and PVC. The modular resilient flooring is also free of phthalates. Instead, the design forge relies on innovative, recycled and abundant raw materials. And this approach pays off. For one thing, the models in the iD Revolution series meet the highest technical requirements. On the other hand, the intensive involvement with the latest development processes is recognised accordingly by experts and consumers. All items in the iD Revolution collection are Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. TARKETT has therefore developed products that are regenerative and produced in an environmentally friendly way. The Tarkett organic floor consists of more than 80% of innovative recycled and recyclable raw materials and minerals. With this approach the traditional company wants to counteract the shortage of resources in a targeted manner.

The new publication leaves a clean footprint

To understand why the iD Revolution organic floors are so special, you need to take a look behind the scenes. After all, the high-calibre experts have only good things to report. The production process includes components such as recycled PVB from windscreens or safety glass from buildings, bioplastics and chalk. The latter is abundant in nature. In summary, the products are sustainable, high-performance and durable. The technical performance also leaves nothing to be desired. The articles are resistant and easy to clean. These product characteristics make it exactly what it is.

  • The floors have extremely low emission values and thus deliberately improve the indoor air quality in buildings
  • At the end of its service life, the article automatically falls into the take-back programme and is used for the manufacture of new products
  • The iD Revolution series is made by tapping renewable sources.
  • The floor covering makes no compromises in terms of resistance and durability
  • A brilliantly finished surface protection TopClean XP™ protects against damage, abrasion, wear and scratches

The high-flyers fit into any living environment

TARKETT rightly claims that the floor systems are made for life. No matter what everyday situations arise, the elastic all-rounders show great courage and strength. The interpretations have the necessary tools to convince day in and day out with taker qualities. There is no question that the modular floor coverings are very efficient. Several elements come into play for the construction. The TopClean XP™ PUR surface has an extremely important function to perform. It ensures that the organic floor always has an impeccable appearance. The exclusive top layer provides the material with lasting, deep-acting protection against wear, abrasion and unwanted scratches. In addition, the floor decoration shows an advantageous and easy cleaning and maintenance behaviour. Loose dirt can be removed with a hoover or a broom. Unsightly and sticky stains can be quickly removed with a damp mop. The multi-layer structure also includes the 0.55 mm transparent top layer made of pure PVB. This feature makes the surface extraordinarily hard-wearing and resistant to indentation. Underneath this layer is a high-resolution decor. This gives the Tarkett organic floor its attractive appearance. All designs are designed for a natural look. A unique structure reinforced with glass fibre fleece ensures the perfect balance. This particularly important addition helps the ensemble to achieve first-class dimensional stability.

The iD Revolution series offers a total of 12 wood and stone decors and six different plank formats. This allows the most diverse design requirements to be covered. From timeless oak to lively pine design, consumers will find a multi-faceted range of products. The range is also aimed at private living areas and commercial buildings. Whether shopfitting, hotels, offices or public administrations, the variations meet all requirement profiles and convince with an extraordinary quality.