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The creations do not push themselves into the foreground and yet they are considered to be a successful showstopper
A functional floor solution should be present in rooms where discussions with business partners are held, staff meetings take place or customers come and go. The id Inspiration Click 55 Plus collection convinces with an impeccable presentation. It gives a modern layout to outdated furnishings and at the same time the comfort zones trump with numerous praiseworthy features. What's more, the exquisite floor jewellery is robust enough for family life. Not only in single households the floorboards cause a sensation. The products are also recommended for multi-generation houses with animals and small children. With these eye-catchers, both homeowners and landlords set a stylish highlight. All decors breathe more life into architecture and design. Modern, contemporary and expressive designs determine the look of the entire id Inspiration Click 55 Plus product range. Users can expect jewellery pieces that are accompanied by subtle, rustic tones through to white washed out and monochrome surfaces. The observer immediately recognizes that the items are neither unimaginative nor designed without love. Contrasting colours and shapes that make an extraordinary design statement help consumers to consciously enhance the feeling of home. In addition, the flooring concepts are specially tailored to the needs of the users. Several technical aspects underline this statement.
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  • The collection stands for longevity, robustness and versatile use
  • Resistant to chair castors, furniture feet and abrasion
  • The PUR-surface is lightfast and convinces with an easy maintenance
  • Compatible with underfloor heating and 100% phthalate-free
  • Thanks to the detailed embossing, the natural essence of wood and stone is perfectly imitated

Ideally suited for highest demands and industrial purposes

The id Inspiration Click 55 Plus range is hard to beat in terms of functionality and ingenuity. The construction of the planks is of the very best quality. The glass fleece reinforced construction hides unimagined forces. These were made possible by the so-called patented FIBERTECH technology. The use of this modern process has resulted in the base of the design floors having improved dimensional stability and rigidity. Once the installation elements are placed on the subfloor, they can no longer move to the side or upwards. But it is not only the uniquely reinforced core layer that does an excellent job. The PUR surface also has amazing capabilities. The top layer is pressure-resistant and has excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and scratches. In combination with the transparent wear layer, the ensemble gains immense resistance. Consequently, all models from the high-quality range can be used even in commercial and industrial buildings. Applications include fitness studios, warehouses and storage facilities, workshops, waiting rooms and lounges, exhibition halls, showrooms, studios, galleries, offices and workrooms or even various shops and shop-in-shop systems.

Highly resilient and easy to handle

With the style icons, interiors can not only be aesthetically enhanced, but also transformed in an extremely interesting way from an architectural point of view. People with an affinity for design and visionaries will be really enthusiastic about the comfort zones. But also in terms of user-friendliness there is only good news to report. As already mentioned, the service providers are equipped with an excellent surface design, so care product residues, footprints or visible stains can be removed wonderfully and without much effort. This means that residents, guests or customers can always enjoy a clean and attractive floor appearance. In general, the high-carat floors convince with their indestructible design. If there is a large number of visitors and high heels and boots are crossing the design floor continuously, the indicator simply extends its protective armour. Once the hustle and bustle is over, the floor jewellery will shine in its original splendour again. TARKETT has also given a lot of thought to the installation of the floorboards. The individual segments can be mounted on the subfloor without special tools. The installation of the heterogeneous elastic design flooring is wonderfully pendulous with the fold-down click connection. Even a layman can handle the click system very well. Users will find the corresponding instructions in the scope of delivery. After laying the floor, the rooms can be moved into immediately. The work steps can even be carried out during ongoing business operations.