Tarkett vinyl floors

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These impeccable floor concepts do not release any hazardous substances into the air

Probably the biggest image change in recent years has been in vinyl flooring. In the past, there was always the prejudice that vinyl is associated with harmful substances such as plasticizers. Today's products do not contain any questionable additives. Therefore, the models should never be lumped together. Especially not Tarkett vinyl. These collections have undergone significant development. For many years a rethinking has taken place and with growing environmental and health consciousness more and more high quality processed as well as modern flooring systems from TARKETT came on the renovation market. Today's versions no longer have anything in common with the vinyl floors of the past. Instead, the makers rely on renewable raw materials and natural fillers. The market-leading company also dispenses completely with the use of chlorine and solvents. This of course has a considerable positive influence on the health of the home. Neither residents nor guests are exposed to harmful emissions. In addition, the danger of suffering from diseases and allergies is massively reduced. Children of crawling age can crawl across the floor completely safe. Strange or typically sour smells also do not occur and therefore do not burden the mucous membranes or the respiratory tract. Tarkett Vinyl is particularly suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

All vinyl floors make an unmistakable design statement

Creative uniformity and boredom? Absolutely no, the product portfolio boasts an amazing variety. The collections include Starfloor, Starfloor Click 30, Starfloor Click 30 Plus, Starfloor Click 55, Starfloor Click 55 Plus, iD Inspiration Click 55, iD Inspiration Click 55 Plus, iD Inspiration Loose-Lay and the iD Click Ultimate range. Each model can be considered a true multi-talent because many remarkable aspects have been incorporated into the creations.

  • Thanks to robust and brilliantly sophisticated carrier plates, the tiles and planks can also be laid in damp rooms
  • When walking barefoot, the top layer feels pleasantly warm and leaves a slightly springy sensation
  • Vinyl floors make everyday life easier because they are dimensionally stable, antibacterial, hard-wearing and easy to clean
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation are given
  • The material is compatible with hot water underfloor heating systems and convinces with a good quality even at temperature fluctuations

With the help of a clever click system, the individual laying elements can be installed on the spot. The planks are virtually plugged into each other and then firmly locked in place. The range is particularly suitable for rental apartments. The segments can be dismantled without much effort when moving out.

Beautifully finished vinyl floors for custom interiors

TARKETT has completely dispensed with decor repetitions or artificial designs in the manufacture of its products. Instead, the appearance is reminiscent of real wood and stone floors. State-of-the-art processes and first-class printing technology make it possible that the decors come closer to the natural models than ever before. The company has taken a very creative approach to design ideas. High-contrast colours, tone-in-tone designs and rustic appearances ensure breathtaking customer experiences everywhere. In every project, consumers can make their own signature recognizable and in doing so enter undreamt-of worlds of interior design. Each plank captivates with a pin-sharp design. No knothole is like the other. What was previously unimaginably true becomes reality with Tarkett Vinyl. Planners and architects have long had an eye for the authentic style icons. The all-rounders are predestined to create trendy rooms. Whether in loft apartments, studios, galleries or new buildings, vinyl floors are widely accepted everywhere. One can already speak of a new dimension. When it comes to functionality, the trendsetters leave nothing to be desired. Even in the commercial sector the top-class products play a decisive role. Especially as they have a robust and very stable construction. Heavy furniture and office chairs do not make much of a difference to the presentations. The surface has a first-class finish and deliberately protects the planks from abrasion, dirt deposits and scratches. There is no question that the flexible floor covering collections arouse emotions and always guarantee a harmonious atmosphere.