Tarkett design floor iD Inspiration Loose-Lay

Vinyl Tarkett iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - Give your rooms a new look again and again

In our fast moving times, you too may feel the need to let your creativity run free more often and play with different optics. This innovative design floor collection gives you this freedom and adapts effortlessly to rapid change. The vinyl series can be installed in no time at all and removed just as quickly. This makes it the ideal solution when quick installation is required. The interior construction and renovation is made as pleasant as possible for you by the very easy procedure. Compared to other modular design flooring, iD Inspiration Loose-lay can be installed up to three times faster.

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Be surprised by the extraordinary designs and the high functionality of this series.
The product highlights of "iD Inspiration Loose-Lay" in the overview:
  • Patented non-slip back construction for optimal step safety
  • Perfect for quick installation
  • High resistance to mechanical and chemical wear
  • Insensitive to stains
  • Easy to care for and effortless to clean
  • Phthalate-free for the best possible indoor air quality
  • 100 percent recyclable to protect nature
  • Very robust and durable
  • High dimensional stability
  • Heterogeneous, resilient floor covering
22 original design floors Designs from which you can be inspired

An aged beachwood look or an oak decor with rustic saw marks will appeal to the heart of every vintage fan. However, heavy and luxurious shades such as black or a neutral and subtle grey are also available.

Optimized performance and easy-care properties

The unique TopClean XP™ polyurethane coating gives the floor increased durability and protects it from knocks and scratches. Moreover, this surface treatment has the lowest maintenance costs in its category. The herringbone pattern on the back prevents slipping in all directions, ensuring high adhesion.

Unique laying method for cost-saving installation

For loose laying this floor you do not need glue, which is good for your health. And the underbody also requires only minimal preparation. Make sure that the subfloor is ready for installation and free of dust, grease and unevenness. You will need a ruler and a conventional carpet knife. The vinyl can be easily removed without damaging the product or the underbody. In the commercial sector, you can use this flooring for example in offices and conference rooms, shops, galleries or hotels. Please note that these design floor coverings are not suitable for combination with underfloor heating or for installation in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.