Tarkett design floor


Design floors from Tarkett

The design floorings from Tarkett are the all-rounder among floors. If you are looking for an easy-care and hard-wearing floor covering, you will certainly find what you are looking for quickly thanks to the many high-quality decors. The company Tarkett has taken up the issues of sustainability and ecological production conditions: The Tarkett design floor is made of recycled materials. Even the remains that remain after the laying can be returned. These are then used again in new products.

Design floors from Tarkett: Durable and robust

The design floors from Tarkett are the perfect floor covering, especially in highly frequented areas. The floors can be glued over a large area, which prevents the panels from slipping or damage from the load. A second variant is the floating installation, where a sophisticated click system keeps the floor in place. In corridors and business premises, these floors are a durable solution, available in many high-quality designs. From the warm wood look to patterned tile designs, everything is here. The nice thing about it: all design coverings can also be combined with each other. With little effort and seamless transitions, areas in rooms can be designed and accents set. This means that design floorings are always an individual and creative solution, especially for large rooms.

  • TopClean surface: Scratch-resistant and abrasion-proof
  • Different shapes: Planks and different tile formats
  • Low installation height: For example only 4.5mm for the iD Inspiration series

The Tarkett design floors are an elastic floor covering with a pleasant feel. The anti-slip floors are a good choice wherever the floor is subject to a lot of stress. The structure with a glass fibre reinforced middle layer prevents damage under pressure load.

The high definition print quality of the design floors appear so authentic that they are hardly distinguishable from their real models. An embossed surface with wood or stone structures deepens the impression. As the material of the design floors is permanently elastic, however, they are more gentle on the joints than solid surfaces. Especially in business premises, such as shops and restaurants, the quiet floor is ideal. Even if something falls, the floor remains undamaged and the springy surface dampens noise. The dirt-repellent surface ensures hygienic cleanliness, which can be maintained by simply wiping. Tarkett design floors can even be used for industrial applications and are in service class 42, but Tarkett design floors in service class 23 are just as suitable for private homes as for commercial premises (NK 32).

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

A Tarkett design floor is a sustainable solution that will give you pleasure for many years. The floor tiles can also be laid by untrained craftsmen themselves. Especially the floating installation can be realized in a short time. Only a cutter knife is required for cutting. It is important, especially in living and working areas, to install suitable footfall sound insulation. You can see which product fits which floor at a glance in the product descriptions.