Tarkett vinyl floor Starfloor Click 30 PLUS

These high-flyers are at the forefront

In today's everyday world, a lot is demanded of floor concepts. The best designs are waterproof, durable and sound-absorbing. However, not all conventional models can meet these requirements satisfactorily. With the new rigid design floors from the Starfloor Click 30 Plus range, TARKETT has set a real exclamation mark. The collection is robust enough to pass for a reliable family floor. The secret is a rigid core as well as a structural strength that makes the flooring so unique. The market-leading manufacturer has used the so-called Rigid Composite Core (RCC) technology to manufacture the products. This system achieves extreme dimensional stability. Unpleasant stretching of the material, on the other hand, is successfully minimized. Adding the waterproof and durable protective layer also pays off. Thanks to the Ultimate PUR surface treatment, the top layer is permanently protected against abrasion, dirt deposits and unsightly scratches. The family dinner was a happy, wet occasion? Dirty paws of dogs and cats decorate the floor? Dropped food and spilled glasses cause sticky stains? Such stains are sometimes unavoidable in the hustle and bustle. However, the top layer is strong enough to absorb all events and look like new after the stain is removed.

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Looks gorgeous no matter what

Thanks to the improved core layer (RCC technology), the Starfloor Click 30 Plus product range even withstands temperature fluctuations. Whether cold, water or heat, no one can harm the beautiful appearance. The natural essence of the wood is reflected in the appearance of the planks. Reinforced textures and rustic tones reproduce a natural finish. And when light travels across the floor, the reflected image synthesis creates impressive wow-effects. The latest trend designs in oak also come to the fore. Viewers quickly feel inspired by the beauty. But the surfaces are not only very pleasant for the eye. The laying surface offers sufficient slip resistance and leaves a particularly pleasant feeling when walking barefoot. Nobody has to push off powerfully to get ahead. Dynamic, soft and almost springy, the floor surface is passable. Users neither hit a rough terrain nor do their heels just slip away. The entire body is softly supported and the musculoskeletal system is hardly stressed. A real pleasure for all feet, whether young or old. If the floor is subjected to greater stress and many people walk over the floorboards at the same time, the noise level is still kept at a pleasant level. In the construction of the vinyl floor there is an innovative acoustic back, which has sound absorbing properties. Room and footfall sound is significantly reduced and this positive side effect feels comfortable for the ears.

Open for change

The Starfloor Click 30 Plus collection has found the right balance between modern and traditional. Wide-grained wood, white pores, limed as well as washed effects, minimal play of colours, unique textures and warm shades of grey are, among other things, an integral part of the range. People who like to experiment, DIY enthusiasts and visionaries can do a lot with them. The 3L TripleLock Click system can be seen as an immense relief. On the one hand, no time-consuming subfloor preparations are necessary and on the other hand, the rigid installation elements can even compensate for minor unevenness. Furthermore, not all the space has to be cleared, the work can be done piece by piece thanks to the clever methodology. Here are a few important performance features summarised at a glance.
  • The 3L TripleLock Click system allows the boards to be laid quickly and easily. The floor can be walked on immediately after the work has been completed
  • Equipped with synchronously embossed surface that ensures brilliant optics
  • Innovative acoustic back reduces the noise level to an extremely smooth level
  • A durable and brilliantly finished core layer (RCC technology) guarantees exceptional stability and strength
  • The floors are 100 % waterproof, sun and wear resistant, dirt repellent and shock resistant, therefore ideally suited for families