Tarkett vinyl floor Starfloor Click Ultimate 55

Everything new, quiet, durable and really chic?

With Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 from Tarkett you can quickly and easily take your home and business premises to a new level! Do you shy away from the renovation effort? Do not worry! With this high-quality design floor series suitable for everyday use, this is limited anyway. The robust structure, the hard-wearing and easy-care surfaces, the simple installation and the great variety of designs make the Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 - series an exciting floor for every taste! Just take a look to see if your design favorite is among them:

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21 variations for your modern home!

Light and friendly, gray and puristic or dark and strong are the default settings that you can choose when looking for your new design floor. Perhaps you can simply click your way from Tarkett Design Floor Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 Old Stone Antracite to Tarkett Design Floor Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 Stylish Oak Gray Plank systematically through the attractive design variants. From stylish gray to warm oak grain, there is an attractive decor for every taste and living style! All floors in this series have in common:

  • the Ultimate Pur surface for extremely high durability
  • the RCC technology for extremely high dimensional stability in everyday life
  • Acoustic backing with sound block technology for reduced footfall sound
  • easy installation thanks to patented 14F technology

Therefore, this innovative design floor series by Tarkett is perfect wherever it is loud, wild and lively - in the children's room or meeting room, for example! The robust and hard-wearing floor series Starfloor Click 55 meets the highest design demands with a high-resolution printed decorative layer and synchronously embossed surfaces. And best of all: the floors feel really good when walking barefoot!

Sometime is best now!

Perhaps you have been thinking about swapping the old carpet or parquet floor for a hard-wearing and innovative floor covering that will enrich your life for the next decade. Because it is well known that temporary solutions last the longest, it is good to get the proverbial nail down at some point and tackle the long-cherished renovation project. Starfloor Click Ultimate 55 makes it easy for you to redesign your rooms! 20 year guarantee in the living area or 10 year guarantee in the commercial area ensure that you will have peace and quiet for a long time afterwards! Thanks to the low installation height of only 6.5 mm , you can easily lay this innovative design floor with integrated footfall sound on old floors and underfloor heating. Yes, you can actually do it yourself! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our flooring specialists at

Everything from a single source!

Do you like to dream? Imagine that you are walking from the entrance area , through the hall , into kitchen and living room, Bathroom, home office and children's room run on the same floor? Continuous floors make apartments generous and representative! Because this design floor series is suitable for all purposes, it cuts a good figure everywhere - including in your damp rooms, of course! Now you just have to decide whether a cool stone or warm wood look suits your lifestyle better. The floor series with the high usage class 23/33 is also spot on in offices, hotels and business premises of all kinds ! Incidentally, the design floors can only be distinguished from their natural models at a second glance!

Nature for your home! But please immediately!

No matter which of the diverse design variants you choose: a piece of nature always comes into the house. The nature-inspired decors in this series are authentic and wonderfully true to life! You can see and feel that! If you regularly get annoyed about the clacking of the heels on the ceramic tiles in the hallway, you will be delighted by the significantly lower noise level of this floor covering from now on. Conveniently, you don't have to remove the old subsurface, you can start straight away with the natural beautification of your living space!

Scratches and noise? Yesterday!

Each of the floor coverings from Tarkett's most robust Starfloor series, which can be walked on immediately after installation, scores with an extremely scratch- and abrasion-resistant surface! The dirt-repellent floor makes maintenance easier and gives you plenty of time for your hobbies: salsa dancing, listening to loud music, romping around the house with the kids and the dog or doing handicrafts in the hobby room. This floor does everything and is easy on your nerves! We think it's worth the money. You will save a lot on renovation costs anyway!