Wicanders cork flooring cork Go

Wicander's cork floor Cork Go: Comfort for beginners!

The most budget-friendly Wicanders cork floor variant is a versatile floor series for cork newcomers. Wicander's cork floor Cork Go combines the unique properties of this fascinating natural material into a floor covering with a particularly exciting price-performance ratio. Even with a small budget you can enjoy all the advantages of a high-quality and comfortable cork floor. Wicander's Cork Go cork floors are perfect feel-good floors in the rented apartment, holiday home, living room, bedroom, children's room or hobby room. Wherever cosy warmth, softness and tranquillity make life more beautiful, this cork floor of service class 23 is a good choice! Would you like to know what distinguishes this cork floor variant? Click through the decors and simply read on. Our experts at parquetkaiser will be happy to answer any detailed questions you may have!

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Attractive cork floors for living spaces with a feel-good factor

The Cork Go series from Wicanders fascinates like all cork floors from Wicanders by the unique material properties of natural cork:

  • soft living comfort
  • quiet room acoustics
  • warm to the feet and easy on the joints
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly

The easy to install cork tiles of the Wicanders cork floor Cork Go series are of high quality and cleverly constructed: An easy-care and robust wear layer over the 0.8 mm thick cork veneer protects the floor covering from signs of wear. A flexible and insulating cork base of 2.2 mm thickness and a stable HDF core board with CORKLOC connection and the 1.5 mm thick cork insulation underlay make these floors elastic, comfortable and suitable for everyday use. The 10.5 mm thick tiles are easy to lay thanks to the patented Wicanders Corcloc system. Even less experienced do-it-yourselfers can do this quickly and professionally. For the renovation of old floors and on underfloor heating systems, these cork tiles are simple but very effective. Wicanders offers a 10 year guarantee on this floor series in the living area.

For families with small children and tenants who like to dance, play music or do gymnastics at home, these sound-absorbing and resilient floor coverings are ideal.

Good indoor climate and lots of living quality for the whole family!

Like all Wicanders cork floors, Cork Go is a great contribution to ecological heat retention in the home. The sound-absorbing qualities ensure more peace and quiet and pleasant acoustics in the room. The daughter practises piano, mummy makes Zumba and daddy plays car races with his son? Your neighbours don't notice and mum's spine and joints thank you! Walking, jumping and dancing is a lot of fun on the elastic floor. The foot-warm and joint-gentle floor coverings of the Wicanders Cork Go series convince with their elastic properties also in practical everyday family life. Glasses and plates do not break immediately when they fall to the floor and the spectacular fall from the trampoline is usually no drama. Cork floors in the Cork Go series are therefore perfect for family homes and children's rooms.

Which design do you particularly like? If the decision is difficult, you are welcome to request your Wicanders cork sample from us!

The right decor for every taste!

You like it bright, clear and friendly? Maybe Go Sand, Go Grit or Go Affection are your personal favourite! In this series you will find discreet, almost monochrome looking floors and cork tiles, which immediately show the vividness of their material. You'll probably notice it immediately: this is it, the floor that perfectly matches our couch and sideboard. Natural wood furniture, Scandinavian furnishings, but also designer pieces made of metal, glass and chrome go well with natural cork floors. Warm brown tones, cool grey and creamy white cork floors are real eye-catchers in your chic living rooms! At least as important to you as the attractive design of Go Dream, Go Emotion or Go Seduction will be the living comfort of this pollution-free and sustainable flooring with the Blue Angel eco-label

. We wish you much pleasure and success in your choice of floor and will be happy to support you with practical installation tips!