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Wicander's cork floor Cork: the original in professional quality!

The Wicanders cork floor series Cork is just right for real lovers of the fascinating material from the cork oak. You can see directly what you are made of with these home-friendly floors! Do you like the look and the calm, warm radiance of natural cork? Did you know that millions of tiny air cushions in honeycomb structure are responsible for the incomparable feel and elasticity of natural cork floors? Wicanders consistently uses the exciting advantages of this sustainable raw material and turns them into attractive feel-good floors for rooms with flair. Click through the "Cork Go", "Cork Essence" and "Cork Pure" series. You will be amazed at how different cork floors can look: light and delicate, striking and strong or cool and stylish! The individual series differ not only visually. Depending on how they are used, you should look for your favourite in a different category. Would you like to know what the differences are? We would be happy to help you choose your individual dream floor!

Trendy cork floors for individualists!

Is "Cork Go", "Cork Essence" or "Cork Pure" your favourite? Every cork floor from the Wicanders Cork Floor Cork Series combines all the advantages of this fascinating material:

  • cosy living comfort
  • pleasant room acoustics
  • soft and easy on the joints
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly

Nevertheless there are differences:

  • The easy-to-lay cork tiles of the "Cork Go" series consist of a protective wear layer, the 0.8 mm thick cork veneer, a flexible and insulating cork base of 2.2 mm, an HDF core board with the patented CORKLOC joint and a cork insulation underlay of 1.5 mm thickness. These floors are ideal for comfortable living! The 10.5 mm thick tiles can also be laid by laymen simply floating on old floors or underfloor heating systems. With a 10-year guarantee in the living area, this series is perfect for single households, guest rooms, confessing barefoot walkers and apartments with small crawling children.
  • With the "Cork-Essence" series you can also easily lay the 29.5 cm wide and 90 cm long cork tiles yourself using the CORKLOC connection. For this series, the manufacturer grants 15 years in the living area and 5 years warranty in the object area. So if you use your cork floor more intensively in the big family and with many friends and employees, we recommend a look at the more hard-wearing floor coverings of this cork floor category from Wicanders.
  • In the "Cork-Pure" collection from Wicanders you will find cork floors with a particularly authentic and warm look. The 4 mm thick, 30 cm wide and 60 cm long cork tiles with an integrated, insulating cork base of 3.2 mm thickness can also be glued. 10 years in the living area and 5 years in the object area speak for high durability, good ecological balance and warm flair also in the commercial area.

The more you, your family or your customers and employees use the cork floor in everyday life, the more you should pay attention to the recommended service class. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have!

Healthy room climate and lots of comfort!

You will automatically feel a little more comfortable on floors from the Wicanders Cork Floor Cork Series. The intelligent natural material is an economic contribution to efficient heat supply in the household or office. The sound-absorbing properties improve the room acoustics in the long term. Even if your children are romping about in particular, you and your neighbours will hardly hear a thing. For the small spine and joints, hopping on the elastic material is healthier anyway. You know how healthy barefoot walking is? On these cork floors, which are warm to the feet and easy on the joints, you will become an enthusiastic barefoot runner even in winter and do a lot for your health and fitness. You will appreciate the elastic properties of these comfort floors when valuable porcelain falls to the ground. The designer vase miraculously stays whole! Cork floors of the Cork series are suitable for kitchen, dining room, office, children's room and ...? Where do you lay your Wicanders cork floor and which series suits your requirements? If in doubt, simply call us and order a free sample!