Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 stone for gluing

Wineo 1000 stone to glue for a noticeable quality of living

Wineo 1000 stone for gluing represents a decorative floor covering in stone optics. This makes you feel as if you are using tiles that look elegant and of high quality. The floor made of polyurethane is also very elastic and this is constant. This is what makes the appearance on the floor so pleasant. As this is an organic soil, it is beneficial to health and can be used with a clear conscience for beautification, which also benefits the environment. Another great thing about this model is that the floor is extremely resistant and therefore durable. This way you can enjoy the beautiful appearance and the pleasant room climate for a long time, which the Wineo 1000 stone provides for gluing. When you get up and perform in the morning, the quality of the floor makes it extremely quiet and gentle. And it may not come as a surprise if the floor covering keeps your feet warm like fine tiles with underfloor heating.

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Features of the wineo 1000 stone for gluing
  • healthy living
  • resistant
  • durable
  • noise-insulating
  • decorative
Wineo 1000 stone to glue for a good living feeling

The pretty floor covering for gluing is not only extremely decorative and provides a good living feeling. It is even extremely easy to clean. Since the floor is usually glued in one piece, it does not have any cracks where moisture could get into. Footfall noises are excellently damped. You will certainly find this fact particularly pleasant. It is also practical that even objects that are very heavy leave almost no marks on the floor covering. This allows you to rearrange furniture at will and still enjoy the sight of a decorative floor appearance. As this model has both an elegant and neutral look, all colours and styles can be combined. The floor in stone look is an excellent basis, so that every interior is immediately vividly enhanced and can be shown to its best advantage. Decide on a floor in stone look and give your rooms a great look and yourself a noticeable quality of living. An unbeatable combination when it comes to furnishing rooms and a pleasant living experience. This is how beautiful living works.