Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 for gluing

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The Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 for gluing is completely harmless

A vinyl floor for gluing has the great advantage that it is very thin and yet stable. With the Purline Organic Soil 1000 from Wineo, the soil is also completely harmless. There are also numerous interesting decors to choose from. It may be appropriate to describe the benefits in more detail.

Vinyl floor with special quality

Interesting about the Purline organic floor 1000 from Wineo for gluing is the material composition. Only materials that are harmless to health are used in production. With a vinyl floor, the backing plate is always a crucial component. In the case of the Purline 1000 organic soil, this consists of a substance called Ecuran. It has a higher stability than the polyurethane conventionally used, although it is made of various vegetable oils and mineral fibres.

The production is therefore largely based on renewable raw materials. From these then in the dwelling at all no more danger proceeds. The organic soil of Wineo is also completely odorless. Even small children can play on it without hesitation.

Many attractive designs are available

Besides the high quality, the appearance of a floor covering plays a very important role. That is why there is a large selection of different decors from the Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 for gluing. Wood and tile reproductions are available. In the case of the wood decors, there are even the grains typical of the respective wood species. This makes the floor coverings look particularly beautiful. But also with the tile decors, it is only with the greatest of difficulty that it can be seen that these are not real tiles at all.

The large selection has the advantage that there is a Purline 1000 organic floor from Wineo for every living space. Therefore, everyone has the possibility to equip their entire apartment with this modern floor covering. This creates a completely new sense of well-being in the home.

The Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 for self-adhesive installation

Many do-it-yourselfers are always keen to lay a floor covering themselves. This is easily possible with the organic soil of Wineo. The only requirement is that the substrate must be level and clean. Then the adhesive is applied in small sections and the vinyl panels are glued together one by one. The work gets done quickly. In most cases, doors do not have to be shortened because the floor covering has an overall height of only 2.2 millimetres.

Summary of all advantages
  • Floor covering that is harmless to health
  • Large selection of attractive designs
  • Easy to glue vinyl floor
  • Low wear and long life