Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 stone to click

Timelessly beautiful organic floor Wineo 1000 Stone to click

Floor coverings in stone and tile optics always look very robust. This exerts a very special attraction on many people. If you are looking for a hard-wearing organic floor in an appealing tile decor, you should take a closer look at the Wineo 1000 Stone series by clicking on it. Not only impressive tile decors are selectable. The quality of these floor coverings is also very high.

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Different decors are available

The Wineo 1000 Stone series offers numerous interesting designs to choose from. The palette ranges from very light to dark tile replicas. In addition, they are provided with decors that help to enhance the visual impression. The different designs allow the flooring to be used in different rooms. Such an organic floor from the Wineo 1000 Stone series is suitable not only for the kitchen or hallway, but also for living rooms and bedrooms.

Highlighting features of Wineo 1000 Stone to click

The advantage of this organic flooring is that it does not require an HDF carrier board. Polyurethane base plates reinforced with glass fibre reinforcement serve to stabilise the panels. No solvents, plasticizers or other harmful substances are used in the production process. This is why the Wineo 1000 Stone series organic flooring has been awarded numerous environmental seals.

Neither for the environment nor for the inhabitants there is any danger from this vinyl floor. Anyone who lays out such a modern floor covering in their home can therefore live completely carefree.

The Wineo 1000 Stone organic floor is easy to lay

It is also advantageous that a craftsman does not have to be commissioned to lay the organic floor first. Thanks to the click system, every do-it-yourselfer is able to lay out such a floor covering himself. The work is also made easier by the fact that the panels are already equipped with integrated footfall sound insulation. Therefore, immediately after preparing the substrate, you can start laying the click vinyl.

Most people take great pleasure in laying their flooring themselves. If it looks nice and contributes to the well-being, it is of course a great benefit.

Overview of the advantages
  • Robust vinyl floor with long durability
  • Also suitable for humid rooms
  • Does not contain plasticizers or other substances of concern
  • Easy to lay on your own
  • Dirt-repellent surface

The stability of the surface is very high. This is why the Wineo 1000 Stone vinyl floor can withstand even higher loads from heavy pieces of furniture. Thanks to its robustness, cleaning is very easy.