Wineo Purline organic soil 1000 to click

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Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 to click in modern design

This special floor covering is a completely new generation of vinyl flooring. Not only does it withstand high loads, but it also looks beautiful. In addition, newly developed substances are developed for production, all of which are of natural origin. For many interested parties it is also important that a new floor covering can be laid easily and, above all, on their own initiative. This applies to this innovative vinyl floor from Wineo.

What makes the Wineo Purline organic soil 1000 so special?

A composite material called Ecuran, which has been specially developed for this purpose, is used for production. This composite is made from several vegetable oils and mineral substances. Therefore, this substance does not pose a risk to the health of the inhabitants or to the environment.

Due to the use of this new material, the use of a conventional carrier plate can be dispensed with. The stability is even significantly higher than that of conventional HDF core boards. Moreover, these vinyl floors are insensitive to moisture. Therefore they are also suitable for laying in the bathroom and kitchen.

Many modern designs are available

The Wineo Purline organic floor 1000 to click is available in numerous wood and stone decors. Therefore, it is no problem at all to find a high-quality floor covering for the existing or planned facility. The combination possibilities are manifold.

In addition to the different designs, vinyl panels in various dimensions are also available. This also allows impressive possibilities to be achieved. Besides the imposing appearance, the pleasant feeling when stepping on the floor is also remarkable. It feels soft and warm. This aspect is also important for a healthy living climate.

Effortless laying of the Purline 1000 organic floor from Wineo

This floor can also be laid on existing floors with a suitable underlay. The Purline organic floor 1000 from Wineo is also suitable for floors where underfloor heating is installed. Since it is a click vinyl with a patented system, the panels can be easily assembled. The work is fun and the result looks professional.

The outstanding advantages
  • Vinyl flooring made of harmless substances
  • Thanks to modern materials also suitable for damp rooms
  • Wide range of different designs
  • Quickly laid thanks to modern click system
  • Easy to clean and long lasting