Wineo Purline organic 1500 stone XL

Rustic organic floor Wineo 1500 Stone XL

Floor coverings in stone decors are very popular because they have a neutral and timeless appearance. If these visually appealing floor coverings are then also made of a high-quality polyurethane, this is a great advantage. The 1500 Stone XL floor covering from Wineo belongs to this group of special floors. What other advantages this floor covering offers is described in more detail below.

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Many stone decors are available

The choice of different designs is impressive. It ranges from robust concrete designs to differently coloured tiles and marble decorations. As stone decors are not a short-term fad, these floor coverings will retain their topicality for many years to come. Since the stone decors also match all interior styles, the Wineo vinyl floor does not need to be replaced if the interior changes after a few years.

Another advantage is that the Wineo 1500 Stone XL organic floor is also suitable for use in commercial premises. This floor covering fits in well in both heavily frequented showrooms and open-plan offices. This floor can also be used very well in light industry. It even achieves the high service class 43 and the range of applications for this floor covering is very wide.

An easy to glue organic floor

This organic floor can be laid on almost all existing subfloors. The substrate must simply be dust-free, firm and level. Remains of previously laid floor coverings should be removed so that they do not turn out to be annoying afterwards. Work can easily be started along a wall. Since the panels measure 1000 x 500 millimetres, the adhesive should not be applied much more than 50 centimetres wide. On the container of the vinyl adhesive there is information on how long the adhesive must dry before the first vinyl panels can be glued on.

Then one panel after the other is laid and firmly pressed on. If a vinyl floor roller is available, it makes the work a little easier. However, it is also possible to press the panels tightly with your hands. A carpet knife is sufficient for cutting the walls. The panels of the Wineo 1500 Stone XL have a thickness of 2.5 millimetres. They are therefore also well suited for subsequent attachment during renovation work.

These advantages are achieved by the 1500 Stone XL from Wineo
  • Many impressive stone decors
  • High stability and long durability
  • Also suitable for trade and light industry
  • Can be laid without great effort
  • Non-slip and easy-care surface