Wineo Purline Organic Flooring 1500 Plank

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Modern Wineo Purline organic floor 1500 plank

The series Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 is primarily designed for use in the contract sector. Therefore these floor coverings have a high load-bearing capacity. The floor covering can also be laid in private living spaces. As the loads in the private sector are significantly lower than in the commercial or industrial sector, the manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee.

The hard-wearing quality withstands a lot

With a high-quality floor covering, the load-bearing capacity always plays a particularly important role. The organic soil Purline 1500 from Wineo is highly resilient. The test showed that there were no changes after 25,000 passes with an office chair. Therefore this organic soil is almost indestructible. However, the high load-bearing capacity and the low abrasion have another advantage. Hardly any dirt can settle on the surface. If it does happen, all contamination can be easily removed again. In case of very heavy soiling, cleaning with detergents is also possible. The floor covering has a high resistance to chemicals.

Interesting formats are available

The Wineo Purline Organic Floor 1500 plank is available in different formats. The planks are available in the form of country house planks or as ship flooring. Since they are also available in different lengths and widths, creative design possibilities can be realized. Of course, the planks do not always have to be laid in a straight line one behind the other. Since it is an adhesive vinyl, the form of laying can be freely chosen. The advantage is that it is easy to lay the Purline organic floor 1500 from Wineo yourself. On a clean and level surface, this work is quickly completed.

The Wineo Purline organic flooring 1500 plank contains no harmful substances

Just as important as the beautiful appearance and high quality is the harmlessness for health and the environment. Therefore, the production of this modern floor covering is made from natural products. Instead of conventional plasticizers and PVC, the manufacturer uses Ecuran. This substance was developed specifically for this purpose. It consists mainly of vegetable oils and minerals for reinforcement.

The Purline organic soil from Wineo has these advantages
  • Wide range of attractive designs
  • Thanks to high load-bearing capacity also suitable for the commercial sector
  • Production based on vegetable raw materials
  • Easy to install adhesive vinyl