Wineo Purline organic 1500 wood L

Wineo 1500 Wood L with fine wood structure

A floor covering with a wood look looks very beautiful in many rooms. The 1500 Wood L organic floor from Wineo has a decor with a particularly fine wood structure. This has a charming effect and also looks noble. But the impressive optical appearance is of course not everything with this organic floor. But more about that later.

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High quality organic soil without pollutants

An essential plus point is always a pollutant-free floor covering. The Wineo 1500 does not use any materials in its production that could be harmful to humans or animals in any way. The most important substances include rock flour and various vegetable oils. These substances are used to produce the stable and moisture-resistant vinyl panels. This is why these floor panels do not require HDF core board.

But not only the harmless materials are advantageous. High stability is also an important criterion. The Wineo 1500 Wood L organic flooring is not only suitable for use in private homes due to its high stability. It can also be used in the object area or in commercial rooms. The abrasion resistance is very high. Therefore, even under intensive load, hardly any wear occurs.

Beautiful decors for every living and commercial space

There is a choice of light and dark oak decors as well as replicas of other sought-after wood species. These are sometimes also coloured a little bit. The fine grain is particularly striking. It has been reproduced in great detail.

As these organic floors are available in different decors, every prospective customer will find a floor covering that fits into his home or office. The Wineo organic floor can even be laid without the help of a craftsman. Underfloor heating is no problem. It should only be switched off during the laying work.

Wineo 1500 Wood L simply laid by yourself

It is not a particularly difficult task to lay such a vinyl floor yourself. The individual panels are 1200 mm long and 200 mm wide. Therefore they are quite handy and can be laid without any effort. Since it is an adhesive vinyl, the substrate must be firm and clean. The vinyl glue is distributed in the areas where the work starts. A toothed spatula is well suited for even distribution of the adhesive. It is important to press the vinyl sheets firmly.

Features of the 1500 Wood L from Wineo
  • Finely structured wood decors
  • Contains no PVC and no plasticizers
  • Completely odourless and harmless to health
  • Easy to install handy panels
  • Very hardwearing and also suitable for commercial premises