Wineo Vinyl 400 stone

Wineo stone designs with homely characteristics

You can install a Wineo Stone floor anywhere in your home without hesitation, even in damp rooms. It looks just as good in the living room and kitchen area as in the bedroom, bathroom or children's room. Soon you will appreciate its home-friendly features, such as allowing your children to slide and play on it without having to worry about their health, even without underfloor heating. The little ones won't catch cold. By the way, you don't need to worry about scratches either. The design floors are extremely hard-wearing and child-friendly.

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Glass fibre reinforcement creates durability

Thanks to the 0.3 mm thick wear layer of the Wineo series, the decorative film on the surface, which gives the design floor its authentic look, is protected against scratches. It is also embossed with the surface structure travertine. Underneath this is the base layer of 100% vinyl with glass fibre reinforcement, which gives the floor dimensional stability.

The Wineo Series 400 Stone for clicking or gluing - the choice is yours

Depending on the type of installation you require, you can order the floors of this series in three versions: adhesive, click or multi-layer. The two click variants can also be laid by a layman without any problems. But even the adhesive floor can be laid with etas practice, so that you can enjoy your vinyl stone floor for a long time.