Wineo Vinyl Flooring 400

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Wineo Vinyl 400 - Vinyl floors of convincingly high quality

When it comes to the question of which floor covering to choose for your home, it is not just a question of your style of living. No matter whether you tend towards furnishing ideas in the direction of trendy Urban Living, Shabby Chic and Vintage, or whether you particularly like the no-frills Industrial Style, the right floor covering connects the individual living elements and gives your home the right flair. The easy-care vinyl floors of the Wineo Vinyl 400 series are the right choice for you if you are looking for a floor covering of unique quality that looks authentic and combines the latest technologies.

Elastic-soft and warm to the feet - the Wineo series Vinyl 400

These floors have a warm and elastic surface. This is particularly pleasant when it comes to stone decors, which are particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms. A Vinyl 400 floor of this series is also pleasantly warm to the feet when barefoot.

Authentic through synchronous embossing

The Wineo Vinyl 400 series offers you a wide range of decors in light, medium and dark colours. The designs range from classic, timeless wood types to stone optics with natural marbling. At first glance, many of the wood decor variants cannot be distinguished from real wood flooring. This is ensured by the synchronous embossing. Especially if you are looking for a ship floor or country house look, these planks with the so-called micro bevel are the perfect choice. Due to their striking structure, they have a distinctly authentic effect. Also the Viny 400 stone floors with real joints convince by authenticity.

The design floors of the series owe their outstanding properties to a special processing of the surfaces, the so-called PU coating of the wear layer. This process allows the authentic reproduction of the structures of natural materials.

Clicking or gluing?

The Vinyl 400 Design Floors are available for gluing or clicking with Windmöller Connect technology. The easiest to install are the Vinyl 400 multi-layer vinyl floors with HDF board. Even laymen can easily click the planks together with the innovative Loc-Tec system, but both other variants are also excellent for laying.

Your design floor becomes even more durable after a full-surface gluing to the subfloor. Expert support is recommended here for laypersons. However, floating installation is also possible using the silentPREMIUM underlay mat. It has a self-adhesive surface.

15 years warranty speaks for itself

With a Vinyl 400 vinyl floor, you will live without any health risks. These floors are free of harmful plasticizers. In addition, the floor coverings are extremely lightfast and flame resistant. That's why Windmöller can afford to give you a 15 year warranty on all floors in this series. Is there a better proof of quality.